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Hearing from my readers, be it through comments or e-mails, is my absolute favorite part of having this site. I want your input whenever you want to give it so that reading Shrimp Salad Circus will be something you look forward to every day!

Do you have a great idea for a guest post? I do review all submissions and try to answer, whether I've decided to work with a guest poster or not, but if you haven't heard back in two weeks, feel free to submit to another blog. When submitting a guest post proposal, please use the subject line "Guest Post Proposal for ______," and put the post topic where the blank line is. You may include up to three images in your email. Please also link to up three examples of posts you've done. I do ask that guest posts be your own images and that you let me know where else, if anywhere, the content has been published previously.

If you don't want to use the form below, I can also be contacted at shrimpsaladcircus [!at] gmail dot com