Wine Label & Cork Memory Art . How To-sday

First and foremost (gotta get our priorities straight, people!), I am waiting to hear about a really epic internship that I recently interviewed for. I know that there are lots of more important things to hold your breath over, but it's a pretty big deal for me, so keep your fingers crossed, and keep this little spaz in your thoughts! Thanks, lovelies - I'll let you know how it ends up!

But I digress... Don't I always, though?

I love to celebrate special occasions and happy moments with a nice (okay, okay - cheap) bottle of wine, and I've always saved my corks as a little reminder. With the holiday party season upon us, I imagine that many of you will also be celebrating with a toast or two, so today I would like to show you a great way to preserve your memory and liven up your walls at the same time. The project takes only about fifteen minutes and requires only materials that you already have on hand!

  • empty wine bottle with cork
  • picture frame
  • permanent marker
  • tea kettle
  • oven mitt or tea towel
  • strong adhesive
  • optional: backing paper or matte
Step 1. Heat your full tea kettle until it whistles. Remove the spout plug so that the steam escapes, but leave the burner on so that the water keeps steaming. Grasp your wine bottle by the neck using an oven mitt or tea towel so that you don't get burned. Slowly rotate the bottle directly over the kettle's spout so that all the edges are thoroughly steamed. The edges should begin to peel.
Step 2. After all the edges have begun to peel up slightly, dab the label off with your towel to remove the condensation. Slowly and carefully peel the label off from a corner inward. If it starts to tear, steam it a bit longer.
Step 3. The label should still be sticky because you've just separated the adhesive from the bottle. I like the industrial look of corrugated cardboard, so I just pressed my label firmly onto the insert that came with the frame. If you want a more polished look, then stick it to a piece of backing paper, and you can put a mat over it as well.
Step 4. Put your frame back together, being sure to center your label and backing in the frame.
Step 5. Using your permanent marker, write something on the cork to remind you of your special occasion. I always put the date, location, and who I shared my little zen shiraz moment with, as seen here.
Step 6. Apply a generous layer of adhesive to the plain back side of the cork. I use E-6000 because it's virtually indestructible.
Step 7. Firmly press your cork into place at the bottom of the frame, like a plaque on a photo. If you like a quirkier look, stick it at a diagonal on a corner. Allow the frame to dry for several hour before setting it upright or hanging it.
Now that you're done with your newest piece of art (sure to get lots of compliments!), be sure to brew a nice, steaming mug of Earl Grey with your hot water!


  1. This is such a sweet DIY, Lindsay! Hope you are enjoying your day :D

  2. This is such a cute idea! It looks great.

  3. Cute, quick project! Good luck on your internship too!

  4. this is a great idea! My boyfriend and I love good wine and often splurge so this would be a great way to save our memories without having to keep the empty bottles lurking around (this is what we currently do)

  5. What a totally cute idea. I have tons of corks, I'll have to start saving the labels too.

  6. Lindsay,
    Great tute! How are your finals going? I am finished, I am now just dreading signing up for spring semester:{ Don't get me wrong I don't mind school, I just wish I was done already:)
    There is an award waiting for you here:
    Have an AWESOME day!

  7. Thats a great idea! It helps you to remember if you find a lovely drop as well.
    Corks are getting scarce here now, mostly screw tops

  8. This is cute Linds! And I like your nail polish lol.

    good luck on your internship!!!!!!

  9. Fingers are crossed you get the internship!!!! :)