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Katie of Lemon Jitters (which just received a gorgeous redesign that I insist you check out...) is back with yet another adorable desktop calendar - perfect to get you in the spring mood!
Hello, February! January flew by, didn't it? January is a pretty good month. I've always liked it. Namely because it is the month you get to play/wear/show off your holiday gifts. You know it's true! So I enjoyed this January like all the others.


How do you guys feel about February? I've never been super comfortable with February because Valentine's Day is not one of my favorite holidays. And I'm from Louisiana, so the end of February is always about Mardi Gras, another holiday I don't love. (Although I wouldn't mind a king cake right about now, if anyone wants to send one to me in Colorado). You know that feeling when you ordered seasoned fries but the waiter brings regular fries instead? That feeling is how I feel about February. I mean, okay, I do like fries of any kind - but I reallywanted seasoned fries, you know? It's like - I asked for spring weather and more daylight hours, but February doesn't deliver.

I'm so dramatic sometimes. ;D Happy February, everyone! haha!


  1. I totally agree. Not a big fan of February. Plus, I'm from Canada, so I'm not a big fan of March either. We just have to do our best to keep warm and think happy thoughts. Good lattes and croissants help a bit :)

  2. Thanks for the wallpaper! I hate to brag but I have TWO king cakes in my kitchen right now, pecan praline and Bavarian...

  3. Jayme - TWO?! I'm so jealous. Save me a bite. ;)

  4. Great wallpaper .. Thanks for the share !