I wore . the sheer maxi

I cat-sat for friends a few weeks ago. Sadly, they've moved away. Happily, I now have more people to visit in fun places. True story: the cats are Max and Walker, Texas Ranger. I brought my camera over to snap a few pics of the little library room with the intention to someday copy it with my own epic built-in wall-to-wall shelving. I figured that while I was there, I'd put Elycia's self-portrait tips to good use! (Also - cats make excellent props. Write it down. Don't forget.) On a marginally-related note: I'm not sure when my hair got so long...

You can also see this outfit in Wendy Brandes' denim shirt article for Huffington Post. Thanks, Wendy!

I threaded two skinny belts together for a color block look. If you've got really skinny belts, you could even do three or four together - especially with a solid-colored outfit.

shirt . J.C. Penny, thrifted
belts . H&M
skirt . Kohl's
boots . Target
bracelets . gift from my brother, antique shop, Amrita Singh


  1. I totally wanted that skirt when I saw it at Khol's! They didn't have it in my size :( But I totally love it!

  2. how cute do you look! =) i love this look on you. and your cat. =)

  3. Love it! You look like a REAL woman! :)

  4. love the outfit and self portraits, especially the idea of the prop...

  5. I have been dying to get my hands on a chambray shirt and hadn't really thought to scour the thrift stores. Love the whole ensemble, gets my wheels turning for spring

  6. Oooh I love this movement shot! :)

  7. I want the shirt and the skirt! The photos are lovely and the kitties are adorable :).

  8. love this outfit!! that skirt is so adorable, i love that you paired it with the jean shirt! and i love your glasses, i've been wanting to get some like that, are they real or just for funzys?

  9. Thanks so much, everybody!

    koko - They're for real. I bought them from eyebuydirect.com, and I love them!!!

    - Lindsay