Black Lace on White . Inspiration Collision

dress . Lela Rose   |   cake . Real Simple   |   bedding . Target

Welcome to my newest pet post idea - Inspiration Collision. I was looking through the Lela Rose Resort 2012 collection (which I love to pieces...), and I fell head over for this gorgeous dress. I was going to put together a fashion post with some pieces from the collection, but then I decided - boring!

Soooo then I decided that I wanted to find a cupcake to match the dress. I found the cake first, and it's honestly just too perfect not to feature, right?! Anywho - that's how a new idea is born - a wild goose chase across the internet.

What item would you like to see get inspiration collided? Link your inspiration pieces in the comments, and they might get featured (with credit to you) in a future post!!!


  1. Totally love this idea! I've attempted to do this myself but haven't had the same time as I used to do accomplish this. Love to see your posts in the future! =)

  2. You're amazing! I'm so glad I discovered your blog!
    I've got some challenge for you.. what do you say about this? http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/s720x720/381485_309275179083106_268007823209842_1283518_1388745918_n.jpg

    Kisses <3

  3. these are absolutely stunning. if someone gave me that cake, i doubt il ever eat it. xx