Sofia Identity & Branding . Be Inspired

I am completely blown away by the Sofia brand identity developed by Anagrama, a specialized brand development agency. The look and feel of the brand for this building project in Mexico are beautifully cohesive, classy, and sophisticated. They instantly make the project feel elegant and extraordinary. 

As bloggers, shop owners, and creatives, I think that we can all learn a great deal from any example of good branding. It's so important to find a look and stick with it so that people begin to recognize you. So that they know what to expect. So that they keep coming back for more. It isn't enough to have a logo. People expect a color palette, a handful of fonts, and more. It's our job to give them just that.

It can be difficult to start from scratch. There's so much out there to choose from that it's hard to narrow everything down to one cohesive idea and identity. Don't worry though - I've got your back, friend. 

On creating a brand and identity for Sofia, the designers say:
Sofia's identity is formed by three very important axes:Logotype: the keys and the coat of arms are inspired by San Pedro's coat of arms. Typography: we developed a custom typeface designed especially for Sofia, it is inspired by british san serifs. Layout: the text and information arrangement is inspired by the typographical treatment used before grids were popularized by the swiss grid system.

If you're a blogger, shop owner, photographer, etc., what have you done to create a brand for yourself? What have you found helpful? Not so helpful?


  1. LOVE this! =) Thanks for sharing!!!

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  3. what great typography - so clean and pretty