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JUNE!? That means it has been a year since I got married and we moved to Colorado. Whoa. Remember when you were a kid and you would hear adults talk about how they could not believe it was 1995, or they couldn't believe it was September already? I always thought time must move a lot faster for grown-ups. 

I keep having this feeling that time is flying by, and tomorrow I am going to wake up and be a granny. A year seems to happen so quickly that I just think - I will blink and thirty years will have gone by. Isn't it crazy how we go to work, do our chores and take care of loved ones - every. single. day. And suddenly, we've been going to work and doing our chores for an entire year. Or 10, 20, 30 years. Whew. Is anyone else getting worked up over this? ;) Maybe I need to just relax and enjoy the next 30 Junes, no matter how quickly they come.

Find Katie over at her crafty blog, Lemon Jitters, for lots of inspiration and fun projects! Thanks for the always-adorable wallpapers, Katie!


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