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I don't know about you guys, but I'm willing to bet that I'm not alone in the fact that I still feel like I only know thismuch about blogging... Even after my series on photography tips and tutorials, I feel like a lost cause sometimes. There are tons of classes out there that I'd just love to take, from web design to photography and general blogging, but the good ones mostly aren't in the budget. 

This weekend while browsing Liz's wonderful blog, I discovered Altitude Design Summit's online classes, and I'm so on-board it's not even funny. While I'm sure the courses aren't as in-depth as some of the really expensive ones, they're definitely timely topics. Just as importantly, though, they're budget-friendly. Each hour-long class is just $15. Topics include: Photoshop for Bloggers, Pinterest 101, Tips and Tricks for Blogging Success, Growing Readers, and several more. 

Thanks to Bing and their Summer of Doing campaign, however, you can get a couple classes for free! Sound good to you, too? Check out the details here.

I know how tight everybody's budgets are right now, so I just had to share the cheap/free blog love. If you participate, link up your posts in the comments, and be sure to let me know what classes you take in the comments so that we can discuss! 

* image by Mike Loveland via Alt Design Channel, edited by me


  1. Awesome! I need some blog design tips that's for sure. Thanks for sharing such a great site!

  2. We agree Lindsay, there is always something new to learn. Thanks for sharing such an affordable option!

  3. I had no idea Alt hosted online classes -- soooo awesome! Thank you for sharing, I'll definitely be looking into these. :]

    In my dream life, I go to Alt every year and I'm an uber blogstress with a rockin' crafty life. Ahhhh, daydreams... Haha

  4. Awesome thanks for letting us know..

    Little Pink Strawberries

  5. I signed up for Growing Readership and Organized Blogger. I just did the Organized Blogger one, but I missed Growing Readership. It was at 2am in my timezone and I remembered the the day wrong. I guess it's good I managed to do the organizing class :D

  6. OMG I'm so excited about these classes! Great blog by the way!