the purple elephant . the perfect palette no. 2

Sooo I did one of these posts months ago, loved it, and promptly forgot all about it. I'm sorry, because it's totally awesome and [in my oh-so-humble] opinion deserves a bit more air time than I've given it. That said, welcome back to The Perfect Palette. 

I. Love. Color. 

It's powerful, and in just the right combination, colors can soothe, buzz, inspire, stoke a creative fire, and so much more...                                     

I love this mural so much because I'm not an artist and mostly lack the eye for design to have ever put these colors together, but they're fantastic in this perfectly-tuned combination, aren't they?! The mural is by Cody Griffith for Crest Cafe. The photo is by Jess Purple Photography.

Would you have ever imagined these colors together? Do you love this palette as much as I do?                                                      

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  1. I love this color combo! So bright and cheery :)

  2. Color palettes are so fun & inspiring. Makes me want to paint a wall or something. Haha

    Flounces and Hubbub

  3. The colors are wonderful. And it just brings a smile to your face when you see it.


  4. beautiful mural! love the colors! so glad I stumbled upon your blog! new follower :)



  5. Woa! That must be pretty new! Crest Cafe is fairly local to me & I haven't seen that mural until just now. I'll have to reserve my full opinion until I'm in Hillcrest next & can see the full mural but I think I like the colors so far.

  6. These are fun posts, I agree keep them up. As for that picture, I love it!!!! ~Jess