Modern Portraits of Old Craftsmanship . Be Inspired

Alessandro Venier, an Italian photographer and videographer, has invited us into the workshops of artisans keeping alive the tradition of handcrafted goods and small-scale production.
About the series, Venier says,

These images tell stories of those people who continue works, searching for the unique product. This book talks about those people, who I found after a long journey during more than a year. Portraits of them in their workspaces, where the final customer usually does not have access. Women and men, witnesses and architects of a world that, despite the difficulties, and the modernization continues to exist. A reality that today more than ever shows us the way to an innovative generational shift, looking to the future without forgetting the past.

This last one reminds me of a couple of my friends who have an ever-growing home-brew hobby. I won’t be a bit surprised if it looks like this one day! 

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