About Me

About Me

I'm Lindsay, and I write, craft, and create for Shrimp Salad Circus! I love lists, so it only seems fitting to hit the high points in bullet-format:

  • I've traveled to 18 different countries.
  • I am probably taller than you.
  • I once roasted a marshmallow over molten lava.
  • Hablo español.
  • I'm a long-time vegetarian.
  • I nickname things way more than is socially acceptable.
  • I'm an avid square-foot gardener.
  • A good night is a hot bath, glass of wine, and my Kindle.
  • I collect owls, vintage cameras, hugs from animals, and memories. 
  • I have the attention span of a goldfish.


  1. Anonymous1/14/2012

    This is a great blog Lindsay! Thanks for sharing with all of us. I will be stopping by often.

  2. Love your blog its so fresh and full life and its based on things that i love as well. PS I do want to advertise with you or let you do a product review...

  3. Hello, im new here and its a great blog you have:) i speak spanish and used to live in spain for a while and i just loved it so i completely get your point on that. hope to read more from you. hasta luego:)

  4. great blog and we seem quite similar :)

  5. Hi Lindsay
    I also love, love lists, all MY emails i write in bullet format also.
    I need help with blog beginings, if you have some tip or web , that you recommend , please let me know

  6. Hi Lindsay, i am your new reader! i really love your clean and sweet blog design. and thank you so much for sharing with us your tips on blogging and photography. cheers! from sunny singapore.

  7. Hi back, everyone - so glad you like the blog, and thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! :D

    - Lindsay

  8. Your site is fantastic! This is my first visit and I am now a follower.

  9. I want to have a blog as cool like yours! Thanks for sharing!



    -Madeleine and Huey

  10. I stumbled upon your blog and I was awed and inspired by the design and the contents! Just showing some love and wishing you luck! :)

  11. hello hello :)
    loved reading all about you....and ys u r taller than me :)
    will be stalking :D


  12. Nice to meet you, Lindsay! You have a great blog, I love the design!

  13. Ha oh wow this list is the cutest. I'm probably your long lost best friend.

    : )

    heart, Melanie from My Billie

  14. finally! i find someone who agrees with me on the topic of kissy faces and the texture of yogurt. i must follow your blog now! :)

  15. Dear Lindsay,

    I love you blog and thanks to you I am learned to sew my own clothes much better. And recycled some sweater (by or means make cloves and hats out of it). I hope you will sew a lovely dress (a simple lovely black dress or what's so ever)so that I can sew it too.

    Once again, you are the best and greatest of all!

    Kind regards,
    The Netherlands