The Anti-Treasury – Fig and Plum

November 6, 2009 separator Uncategorized

I am feeling nostalgic for California and family today. When I was little, my grandparents had a plum tree and a fig tree in their backyard. If you’ve never seen a plum tree, the leaves are all this radiant deep purple shade that blends perfectly with the plums, making the picking process a fun seeking game. Though nothing can quite capture those purples and greens just so, I have assembled a fun attempt:

  1. Plum Fabric Flower Hair Pins – dandyapple – $7.00
  2. Purple and Army Green Cluster Headband – Bean & the Sprout – $30.00
  3. Collective Names of Animals Tee – Xenotees – $22.00
  4. Amelia Sugarlite and Cinnabar Earrings – Jewels of Saraswati – $17.00
  5. Fig Green Papier Mache Bangle – artspell – $15.00
  6. Titch Off Center Peridot Necklace – Flight Fancy – $30.00


  1. Sorry it took me so long to get over here and give you a big ole thanks for featuring my poppy pins. I love it all! That bangle warrants further inspection. I must go check it out! Thanks again for the shout out!

  2. hey Lindsay – thanks SO much for including my bangle in your antitreasury!! Your blog is gorgeous – looking for the subscribe button…

  3. I love plums and have never ever seen a plum tree!! Great post. I’ve been liking green and purple together a lot lately! 🙂

  4. Lindsay,
    I just love reading about your latest post. My favorite are family memories and this is a good one with the two different trees. Beautiful pictures as well to represent them!

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