The Anti Treasury – A Thousand Words

September 18, 2009 separator Uncategorized

When I went to get my tattoo, there was a sign on the wall that said, “A picture is worth a thousand words, so why the f*** would you get words?” I slunk sheepishly past that sign and down a painfully short hallway to get my one. little. word. Nowhere close to the thousand it would take to compensate for an actual picture.
I remember trying to decide if I was really lame right before my new buddy Jon started mercilessly torturing me and concluded with, “Nah – I like words.”

That’s why you get a bunch of words in all sorts of creative ways for this week’s treasury. *One of the Anti-Treasury featured shops is going to be next week’s handmade feature and giveaway. Any guesses? Anybody?
  1. Eye Chart Brooch – Tilly Bloom – $15.00
  2. Tweet Tweet Necklace – emmy-ray – $25.00 {adorable blog: Handmaker of Things}
  3. Copper Handforged Hebrew AHAVA {Love} Ring – karmelidesigns – $14.00
  4. Vinyl Wall Art Decal – Tasty Suite – $10.00
  5. Any Words on a Banner Custom Made – Love Letter Collage – $35.00
  6. Word on Wood {6-8 Letters} – Kelsy Henke – $100.00
  7. Custom Ceramic Egg w/Hand-Stamped Text – Paloma’s Nest – $20.00
  8. Tiny Message in a Bottle Pendant or Charm – Queen Bean Jewels – $7.99 {steal}
  9. smokey quartz & brass lyric earrings – tiedupandtwisted – $18.00
  10. Design a Hose Recycled Magnetic Locket Set – Polarity – $16.00



  1. I LOVE word tattoos, especially on the wrist! I haven’t figured out the right word for me though. The tattoo artists probably just have more fun doing images 🙂
    Cute word crafts to pair with your independence!

  2. I personally love words that paint eloquent pictures. I find it quite moving, actually. 🙂

    P.S. I guess Queen Bee Jewels…am I right, am I right?

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