The Anti-Treasury – Vee Day Gift Guide

February 12, 2010 separator Pets

Women are elusive creatures, I know. We’re tricky and often talk in circles, metaphors, and double-meanings. Fear not, though – I’m here to decipher. I’ve put together a little list of can’t-miss (at least in my book…) gift ideas for all you last-minute guys after the Anti-Treasury (even though I really think you should just make her dinner and hit the dollar movie theater…)!

( … and by the ladies, I mean me. )
  1. pick your own dozen truffles – Fancy Lady Gourmet – $16.00
  2. I Can’t Believe – Card – Gramkin Paper Studio – $3.50
  3. Cassette Tape iPhone Cozy – yummy pocket – $23.00
  4. Love Letter Necklace – Sparkle Peach – $26.00
  5. petite poms – 5 stems – Party Poms – $25.00
  6. Pomegranate Salt Glow – Inner Earth Soaps – $14.00
And Now for the Gift Guide:
  1. flowers – I don’t care how empowered, new-age, anti-cliche your lady love may be; we all like flowers. Maybe she doesn’t like roses. Get her daisies or tulips. It’s sweet, makes us feel all girly and loved, and they make our shabby little apartments look prettier.
  2. chocolate – This better not be the only gift you get because it’s gonna look like you hit Walgreen’s on the way to her house eight minutes ago, but I’m certainly never going to turn down some See’s brown sugar cubes or a nice dark chocolate raspberry truffle from Godiva!
  3. jewelry – We may all have different styles, but we all love jewelry. It’s something pretty that we can wear to remind us of you every day, and it’s nice to have something to show our friends and to squeal over how sweet and thoughtful our Mister Right is.
  4. bath goodies – Anything spa-like is nice, but be careful that you don’t just show up with a little gift set from Bath and Body Works – too generic. Throw it all together schmancy-like with some champagne, the aforementioned truffles, and a nice candle.
  5. mix tape – Okay, okay – mix cd – whatever. For all of us music junkies, it’s a great way to find a new band or two, learn to love what you love, and know that you put a little extra time and thought into our presents.
  6. handmade card – I’m not a big Hallmark fan. A handmade card (I just typed ‘handmark’ three times before getting it right…), however janky it may be, is right up there with the mix tape; it’s thoughtful and shows that you spent some time on us.
Finally – after this week’s Valentine Rant, I figured I’d put something lovey-dovey happy to make up for it, so here’re my babies again!

Ladies – please do weigh in. Whaddya think – hit or miss? What’s your perfect Vee Day gift?!?


  1. Most guys I know like to be practical, so my advice is usually to get something practical but much nicer than we would buy for ourselves. My boyfriend got me a really nice cover for my nook (Barnes and Noble’s e-reader) and I’m thrilled about it because it’s durable and nice-looking and I would have just gotten one of the neoprene sleeves. (Of course, I’m pretending not to know what he got me until tomorrow.)

    Flowers and chocolates are always good. I also think pajamas or a nice blanket or something–especially if you don’t live together–it’s nice to have something that reminds you of them while you’re curling up to sleep.

  2. My husband got tickets to a concert he knew I’d like and that we’d enjoy seeing together. It was a big deal, because we are in the black hole of financing our kids’ college educations and don’t get to do much else these days!

  3. I told by Kahuna years ago…
    “Flowers, pick one that you like and grab two arm fulls and walk away. It’s better that way.”

    And, a mix-cd, can say all things he/she may want to say but, in a fully other way.

    Delivery, counts better than intention alone.

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