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April 4, 2010 separator be inspired

Happy Easter, friends! I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend with your friends, families, and some really nice weather. Since you’re obviously taking a leetle break to browse, why not check out these absolutely breathtaking works by Carol Gamarra and Mario Ville of Madrid, Spain?! They’ve reworked some of Gustav Klimt’s finest paintings, and I’m just blown away by how well they’ve captured ‘la esecencia de Klimt!’ 

I have put the works side by side with Klimt’s originals for anyone who isn’t familiar with the artist. What do you guys think? Just gorgeous, right?


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  1. These are really cool! Thanks for sharing them with us! The first one is especially on point– you almost can’t tell the difference. I think my favorite is all the girls in the bed though. It just captures the essence well. Lovely shots!


  2. amazing-i once saw someone with a tattoo of a Klimt painting and it was the most beautiful piece of body art I’ve ever seen, they’d captured the essence perfectly, all the intricacy and colour, just like these photos.

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