Blog awards!!!

October 26, 2009

I recently (as in August 31 – I’m waaaay behind) received these two lovely awards from Florence of Florence Wang Designs! She called my blog ‘inspiring’ and ‘really, really fun,’ so I love her already!!! I’m especially fond of the ‘J’Adore tien Blog’ award because how much fun is it that it’s in French?!? Aaaand now, here’s the drill:

  • Copy the award image above.
  • Pass it to the bloggers whom you think are deserving for these awards.
  • Leave a message for them.
  • Pass as many as you want.
  • Leave a comment for the person who gave you this award.

J’Adore tien Blog goes to:

You Cheer Me Up Goes To:

  • Lemon Jitters – bright, happy colors, Tidy Tuesdays, and one of the sweetest people on Blogger!
  • Kate8085fun, quirky features and beautiful writing style
  • Designs by Vanessa – a darling blog written by a super sweet lady with lots of fun tutorials



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