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May 30, 2009 separator etsy

This week’s featured seller is Corinna of The Frog Bag on Etsy, and I must say, she’s just one of absolute favorite people on Etsy! She’s an animal lover like me; she donates a whopping 20% of all her sales to The Tapir Preservation Fund, a great reason to make a purchase (as if you needed one!). Her shop is full of a quirky, kitschy, fun, and altogether fabulous hodgepodge of items from jewelry to bags, beaded bottles, and archaeology-inspires cat toys! Purely out of coincidence, I selected her shop to feature and then realized that she was my third customer on Etsy, which means she has amazing taste, of course!!! Enough of my rambling though – let’s hear Corinna’s oh-so-interesting story from the artist herself:

Q. What’s the story behind ‘The Frog Bag?’
My husband came up with that a long ago as a good name for a punk band. But neither of us ever started a punk band so when I decided to open a shop on Etsy I swiped it. Plus, I really like animals and frogs in particular.

Q. Describe yourself in exactly ten words.
Passionate animal advocate; fascinated by time travel, writing and crafting

Q. You have an incredibly successful shop, so what advice do you have for Etsy newbies?
Well thank you! I think the key is to just keep plugging along consistently and to reach out to folks that aren’t on Etsy. I’m trying to follow this advice, so I just started Twittering and blogging. Hopefully soon I will do some advertising too.

Q. Favorite food?
Hmm, strawberry crepes I think!

Q. What does your typical day look like?
Up at 5:30, check in on my shop and maybe post in the Etsy forums, then off to my job as a zoo keeper. Back at home in the evening I usually do a little work either renewing on Etsy or listing something new. In the evening I try to spend some quality time with my pets and husband, then do a little crafting or writing before bed. I’m also working on promoting Heathentown, a graphic novel I wrote which was published by Image in January. Sleep tends to only happen when I get around to it these days…

Q. What are you truly passionate about?
Well, I’m trained as a zoologist, so I guess the thing I am most passionate about is animal conservation, tapirs in particular. That’s why I give 20% of my proceeds to the Tapir Preservation Fund. I am also really excited about having a venue like Etsy to sell my crafts on. It has been a life-long dream to open a little shop like The Frog Bag. Sometimes I could just kiss the internet for providing opportunities like that!

Q. You have a free ten-day trip anywhere in the world. Where are you going?
No doubt about it, I’m taking one of those trips organized by the Houston Zoo to find and photograph tapirs in the wilds of Central America!

The Giveaway

Corinna is offering one lucky reader their choice of THREE of her unique, quirky, and super fun cat toys!!! If you don’t have a cat, then you probably know a cat fanatic that these would be a great gift for. To enter, leave a comment with your favorite item from The Frog Bag. You can earn five extra entries for buying something from the shop (Leave five separate comments.), three extra entries for blogging about this giveaway (Leave three comments with a link to the blog post.), one extra entry for tweeting about the giveaway with a link back to it (Leave a separate comment with a link to your tweet.), and one extra entry for following our blog (You can leave a comment saying you already follow if you do.). The giveaway ends Friday, June 5, and the winner will be announced & contacted the following day. Make sure to leave your e-mail in your comment so that you can claim your prize!

– Lindsay


  1. My favorite is the Cat’s Guide to fossils. My cats, Furball and Sophronia would love it too. My fiance and I love to go check out fossils (we stopped at a place up in the mountains that specialized in fossils on the way up to his sister’s rehearsal dinner – we were late!) so this would be just too cute!


  2. I like the Light Bulb Cat Toy the best – but I think our kitties would love any of the eight cat toys as long as they are filled with that heavenly organic catnip!

  3. I refuse to buy my cats toys made in China. After all the recalls and the apparent lack of concern about safety in children’s toys, I can only imagine the level of care that goes into making toys for cats. My favorites at The Frog’s Bag are the Shark’s Tooth (I found many real shark’s teeth when I lived in South Carolina – several miles inland!), the Trilobite, and the Lightbulb.
    I also like the Moonlight Moth necklace.

  4. I don’t often enter these give-a-ways, but decided to after seeing the talent in this one and then buying the necklace. It’s a wonderful piece at a more than fair price.

    trisha spillan
    [email protected]

  5. I love the fossil brittle star cat toy! These things would have my kittens keeping me up all night!

  6. I like the Lucky Elephant bracelet. However, I know Ruby and Reba, my cats, really like the cat toys!

  7. OMG I love this shop. I suppose the Moonlight Moth necklace is a favorite. I have cats (6) so count me into the giveaway.

    espressogurl at hotmail dot com

  8. Great shop! I am so jealous! Not only is she talented, she also has my dream job!!! I wish I had gone to school to be a zoologist. I dream of working with the big cats some day. My big cat (LOL) Biscuit would love these toys. My fave item is the Stormy Anklet! Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  9. So hard to pick out one and I would be giving the toy to my cat that had to move to my sister’s when I moved to the city.
    But I would like to own the hummingbird in weath bag.
    And Trouble would like the fossil cat toy

    trisha spillan

  10. Besides the kitty toys, I love the turtle necklace!

    I have two cats who love (and I’m sure think they deserve) new fun toys to play with :)

    mygoodcents AT cox DOT net

  11. My favorite Frog Bag item is the Flowers and Leaves Silver Bracelet . My cat would love this toy!


  12. I really like the Tree Frog Necklace. Stinker my cat really liked the The Feline Guide to Fossils Cat Toy:)

  13. Those are adorable! I would love one for my kitty. :)

    The jewelry and bottles are also fantastic though, this is my favourite, the Starry Evening Tiny Beaded Bottle.

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