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February 4, 2011 separator Free Printable

I got together with nine other girls Wednesday night and made about 200 cookies. While I have no desire to bake again for quite sometime, I have a newfound love for these cookies. I’ve included a few images below. You might notice that I desperately wish I were a food photographer, the likes of Tina Crespo or Helene over at Tartlette. You might also notice that I fall far, far short of the mark. Any pointers, ladies? ; ) Well, it’s fun trying, anyhow…

Best of all, I made you guys a darling little recipe card. You can click to open it full-size, and then just save it to your computer. It will print out 3″x5″, or normal index card size. I’m going to do one of these every time I put up a Good Eats recipe, so you can start collecting now!

I also thought you guys might enjoy a sneak peek at what went on outside the kitchen. Welcome to the Michael Jackson Wii game. Epic, I know…

credit: lace, The Common Jar; deer, zeldona at Mellowmint


  1. You’re sweet for the shout out!
    Honestly, you’re doing something good I can’t keep my eyes off those cookies!!!
    I have a new cookie recipe I’m trying out tomorrow, hopefully taking some photos before I eat them all :)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. MMMmm nice – Will try them out.
    And stop by if you need a free desktop wallpaper calendar – To keep track on February.
    Have a great weekend

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