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November 25, 2009 separator giveaway

Lisa Leonard is an absolute saint. She makes some of the most beautiful jewelry you’ve ever seen, plays mommy to two little guys, takes breathtaking photos, and brightens our every day with her inspiring blog. She’s one of those people who seems able to find the silver lining in every moment, and she’s become one of my favorite reads and shops. Lisa’s work has been featured all over the place, so you probably recognize some of her pieces.

Q. What’s the story behind Lisa Leonard Designs? A. I started the jewelry business when my first son David was born. He was born with a disability and I really wanted to be able to work from home. His birth lit a spark in me and even though I was afraid, I decided to jump in and take a risk by starting my own business.

Q. Tell us a little bit about you.
A. I’m an indentical twin, married to an amazing man, and blessed with two fun-loving boys. I have to create. Everyday. I’m also realizing I’m an introvert and I need alone time. I love the beach, eating breakfast out, watching movies, Target, and good coffee with close friends. And lately I can’t get enough hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows.
Q. What is your favorite thing about your art?
A. Definitely creating something unique and meaningful and seeing people resonate with it. Q. Least favorite? A. Trying to protect my work.
Q. I’m officially obsessed with your blog for the way you are able to make any typical moment sparkly and meaningful through a camera lens. What is your favorite thing to capture, and what inspires your stunning photography?
A. I love capturing my boys playing on the beach. The light is perfect and they are genuinely happy. I also love to catch sunlight in my camera lens. I love the glow.
Q. You’ve been featured all over the place from Glamour to Parenting and Pregnancy magazines (and the list goes on…) and have a wildly successful shop. What’s your secret? What bit of wisdom would you most like to impart to Shrimp readers?
A. Network with everyone, but be genuine. Never use people just to further your business. Reciprocate when someone helps you. Be fresh, unique and make sure you love what you’re doing!
Q. You’re in the business of gifting (and quite good at it!), but if you could give everyone in the world a little something special, what would it be?
A. Well, since we’re dreaming here, I would love to give everyone the gift of contentment. How amazing would that be?
Q. What five things make you happier than anything else in the world?
A. Hot coffee, snuggling with my boys, Anthropolgie, Target, my sisters.
Q. If you could never make jewelry again, what would you do instead?
A. Oh wow, that’s a great question. I love photography, I love paper and stationary. I also love weddings. It would definitely be something creative.
Q. What would be your ideal getaway right this minute?
A. Carpinteria, CA. It’s a little beach town near Santa Barbara and it’s my favorite place in the whole world. Someday I hope to own a little home there.
Q. Congratulations – you’ve just been giving your own talk show! The only thing is, your guests are all children’s television and movie characters (cartoons and puppets included!). Who will your first guest be?
A. My boys are totally into superheros right now. My youngest would completely freak out if he saw me interview Superman.
Q. What is your most profound memory from your life?
A. The most transforming moment in my life was when my first son was born. We didn’t know he was going to have a genetic disorder and it was the most crushing, devasting experience. But slowly we built a new life with him and I am more happy, content and blessed than i ever thought possible.
Q. What are your favorite blogs and shops?
A. For clothes, Anthropologie and Target For beautiful words and insight the best days of my life For creative inspiration, bluebirdbaby and smile and wave and tara whitney

Lisa Online


The Giveaway

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this one. Lisa is giving one of you lovelies $75 bucks to spend on anything at all from her shop. Do you have any idea how hard it’s going to be to pick something out? Very. This giveaway will end at midnight on Sunday, December 6.

  • To enter, you must visit Lisa Leonard Designs and then leave a comment here with a favorite item. You can also suggest a new item that you’d love to see in the shop. This step is mandatory, and please make sure to leave your e-mail address in your first comment.

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  1. I’d like to see one that says “Peace”. I might have missed it, but I didn’t see one. The Little Feet neckalce is adorable.
    HobartsMama at AOL.COM

  2. So hard to decide! I LOVE all of Lisa’s stuff…but the ‘Dewdrops’ necklace has to be tops on my wish list.

    sarah at oddmomout dot com

  3. I like the “Good Eats” section of your site. I love recipes especially when you have the yummy pics with them!! Thanks so much! pamelashockley(AT)netscape(DOT)net

  4. My favorite item is the Family Crest Necklace. I’d love that!! Thanks so much! pamelashockley(AT)netscape(DOT)net

  5. ive wonfrom her before and she is super awesome to work with!
    I HEART the family crest necklace!!


    *I have the sister necklace*

  6. And this might sound totally random but I LOVE visiting this site and the first thing I see is the brightly colored shoes at the top of the page! It really adds a splash to the site and brightens it 🙂
    [email protected]

  7. The Shrimp Salad Circus makes me pine for the days of youth. Nice! Thank you so mmuch. kneecree at gmail dot com

  8. My favorite aspect of Shrimp Salad Circus is the clean and simple layout, it’s easy to navigate around the site. I only started reading this site recently, and I like that your ethics also show through your writing.
    [email protected]

  9. My favorite part of your blog is the crafty tutorials! I don’t always have time to be crafty myself, but I sure love learning new tricks and reading about ideas from other people.

  10. I stopped and thought about what was my favorite feature. The first thing that popped in my head was the simple classy apprearance of each piece. My favorite the sea star has this calming simple awesomeness of God’s peace. Thanks [email protected]

  11. Okay, can’t narrow it down to just one, so I will tell you the two I love (even that was extremely difficult!). LOVELOVELOVE the Open Circle necklace…just so simple and beautiful. I also love the Large Initial square necklace. How to choose??!!
    Thanks for the great giveaway, and for making it open worldwide! 🙂

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  12. I love visiting your blog and etsy shop! I’m a ‘handmade’ fan. We can create many unique, special and beautiful items with just the most simple things! It’s great!

    luvwendy87 at hotmail dot com

  13. My favorite feature of your blog is the Marketing Minute. I really like how you present a broad variety of topics.
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  14. I am following your blog on Google Friend Connect (username Nelsby).
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  15. Such a tough decision! I believe my favorite is either the Sweet & Simple Birdie necklace or the Be Still necklace.
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  16. I follow your blog. I would like to see a necklace with different sizes heart charms. I love hearts and the organic shapes of these necklaces would look very special.

  17. I love your Etsy shop!!! I check it out now and then and you always have fun stuff on there. Current fav is the This Guy’s a Real Hoot!
    nynekats at aol dot com

  18. I really like the sterling ring but it only comes in tiny sizes for tiny women! I would love to see this in some big boy sizes like sizes 12-14!
    nynekats at aol dot com

  19. I hope it doesn’t sound to tacky, but my favorite feature is the giveaways. I live on a very tight budget and cannot afford to buy anything really nice or pretty that I do not need. So having the chance to win something is really nice and fun!
    one 4 earth at aol dot com

  20. Great Post and Interview!! I love personalized Jewelry and they always make great gifts too!!
    I like the Banner Necklace a lot;)
    I would love to get my Hubby’s Band name or something Musical on it.

  21. I adore both the wish necklace and the open circle… however the one I would most love is her fly free necklace! Everything she makes is so whimsical and would be the perfect gift for me and my friends and female this season!

    Forgot my email when I first posted this! alisonjulieford(at)gmail(dot)com

  22. I also love the artists and craftsmen you show on the site… they are all so talented. Plus I love the background and the name! SO cute!

  23. I really like your background and categorizing. I honestly don’t understand the rainbow shoes as part of the header. It doesn’t belong. 🙂

  24. I love reading the Tutorials on Shrimp Salad Circus. I love the giveaways part the most! =)


  25. I could not choose one favorite but I love the sweetheart tree necklace, sterling ring and baby’s first spoon.

    theaspiringhousewife @ gmail . com

  26. I would purchase the Tiny Squares Necklace first for my mother with my daughter’s name and my nephew’s name, and then I’m not sure how I would spend the rest of the certificate 😉 Thank you SO much for this opportunity!!

    ceevegnashville [at] gmail [dot] com

  27. I love your Looks for Less posts and I also love meeting new crafters in your giveaway posts.

    epfaulkner at gmail dot com

  28. I love the “Wish” necklace. I would love to see a custom necklace that said “Love You to the Moon and Back”. I say that to my nephews and would love a necklace with that on it. Thanks for the chance!

    epfaulkner at gmail dot com

  29. So many beautiful pieces! I think my favourite might just be the friendship necklace.

    Suggestions? Maybe some more floral pieces?

    Thanks for the chance. ozknitter AT gmail DOT com

  30. i like the wish necklace. She’s got a great selection, the only thing I might suggest is adding colored gemstone accents and/or offering different fonts

  31. I love the Fly Free necklace-so pretty! It might be fun if she had some ankle bracelets too.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  32. i like the bronze freshwater pearl earrings…i wish she did some of her designs to say mommy…i think they would be beautiful

  33. I love your giveaways. Not because I get a chance to win a great item (OK, that is great too!) but because I get to learn about amazing people who craft amazing items!

  34. I love Lisa’s designs! The Wish necklace is my favorite.

    Thanks for the opportunity and for the lovely interview!


  35. I have loved Lisa’s store for a while now…such beautiful silver jewellery and gifts! The only other product I would love to see in her store is stamped cufflinks for the guys. That would just complete the fantastic collection she already creates!

  36. My favorite Shrimp Salad Circus feature: I love the Look for Less feature, everyone needs to save a little money these days!

  37. What beautiful jewelry-and such a well put together website!! This is the nicest hand stamped jewelry I’ve seen!! I would SO love to show of a piece from Lisa!! LOVE the captured heart necklace!! Just beautiful!

    jamieandandre at bellsouth dot net

  38. About your blog, I really just love your style! I’m always excited to open your blog up in my Bloglines because there’s always something just lovely to look at 🙂


  39. What lovely jewelry! I Sweetheart tree necklace… such a great idea!

    Even though its hard right now, I would love to see some children’s jewelry. I’ve always wanted to find my daughter a tiny little bracelet to give her from her Daddy.
    Soemthing to think about!

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!
    [email protected]

  40. I love that Shrimp Salad Circus gets into the lives of the amazing, artistic, people that you feature:) It is nice to know how they get their inspiration, and it is also nice to know a bit about their lives and families:)

  41. Oh, these are just beautiful pieces… I love them all. If I must, I’ll choose the large link charm bracelet. But that’s just because I have to… (-:
    Thanks for the chance to win one of these creations!

  42. One of my my favourite items is: sweet & simple birdie necklace

    I would love to be entered in your draw. Thanks.


  43. I love the single tag keychain with the word “believe” on it! What an amazing shop!

    audreyscountrycrafts at gmail dot com

  44. I love the Look for Less features! I bookmark them so I can easily reference them! Keep it up! I’d love to see more of those features!

  45. I like that SSC has giveaways that advertise these pretty shops to the world. Thanks for the giveaway!

    shiki6210 at gmail dot com

  46. I love all her items. I think the Cherish necklace is one of my favorites.

    strasfamily at cox dot net

  47. i like the tutorials you offer – i love any place that offers tutorials on anything! lol (i can be contacted through the form on my purrprints blog)

  48. i like the spoons – actually not because i have a baby i want to give them to, but because my DH’s nickname for me (and mine for him) is “spoon” and so i’m always looking for unusual spoon gifts to give him 🙂

    i can be reached through the contact form at my purrprints blog

  49. I love the Family Crest Necklace at Lisa Leonard Designs!
    Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

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