The Honest Scrap Award

June 1, 2009

I was so excited to come home last night to another blog award! I received the Honest Scrap Award from The Lost and Found Vintage. So, here’s what comes along with the award

  1. I must thank the person who gave me the award and list their blog and link it: Thanks so much to The Lost and Found Vintage. She has great featured vintage Etsyians on her blog very consistently (love to read them!!!), and her shop is incredibly well-stocked. She has great sales in a very short time to show for it!!!
  2. I must list ten honest things about myself:
    • 1. I have been to fifteen countries. Details on our Gran Viaje Blog. I have an overwhelming urge to visit infinitely many more – India, many African countries, Thailand, Japan, and the list goes on…
    • 2. I learned Spanish in college and now speak it pretty close to fluently – just don’t try to strike up a conversation with me about welding or open heart surgery… :) I took a year of Arabic in college and am about to try to pick that back up. I aspire to speak about five languages! I think that knowing another languages opens up a huge part of the world to you and makes it a whole lot smaller, and we need that right now.
    • 4. I have been a vegetarian for a couple years now and love it. I can recommend lots of recipes if you’re contemplating a journey to the dark side!
    • 5. I have two darling kittens, the loves of my life, Mish and Rosco. They are holy terrors, and it’s all my fault! They make my life much more enjoyable, and I love having somebodies to take care of.
    • 6. I am incredibly claustrophobic. I will seriously start hyperventilating at the mere thought of being in a small room. Or a plane. Or a flight of stairs up to, say, the Statue of Liberty or a gorgeous old building in Italy – if I think I can’t turn right around and leave whenever I want to. It turns me right back into a four year old, and I’m being generous here. Basically, I don’t like to be trapped anywhere. Ever.
    • 7. I have had just about every job on the planet. Okay, I’ve never been a trash guy or an astrophysicist, but I’ve done all the other ones that you can think of.
    • 8. San Diego is my favorite place that I’ve ever lived, and my whole family is there. I plan to move back when I’m not a poor graduate student anymore, but I guess at that point I’ll be a poor nonprofit manager somewhere. Maybe I’m in the wrong line of work – quick, go buy something from the shop to feed my California fund! : )
    • 9. I would love to give up on everything else and just open up a cute little coffee shop and boutique with Marion, but my incredible brother got all the brilliant and creative genes. I’m stuck trying to save the world by getting a Master’s in nonprofit management. *le sigh*
    • 10. I used to be one of those people who swore off television as a brain-rotting waste of time, but now I’m a hypocrite addict. I love CSI, NCIS, and True Blood. Oh, how many hours of my life in the last couple weeks were lost to catching up on True Blood before the next season comes out… I’m still trying to decide whether or not I should be ashamed… No wait – I’m not.

  3. I must put a copy of the Honest Scrap logo on my blog.
  4. I must select at least seven other bloggers to pass it along to:
  5. I must notify my select seven by commenting on their blogs so that they will hopefully do all of the above and keep the Honest Scrap award going!

– Lindsay

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