I’m cutting down on clutter!

October 24, 2009 separator Uncategorized

I’ve done a couple Twitter ‘polls’ recently to see what everybody thinks about blog giveaway entries, and there seems to be an overwhelming feeling of, “Keep it simple, stupid!” I couldn’t agree more and have decided that having approximately three zillion ways to enter a giveaway is overwhelming, too busy, and detracts from the shops being featured.
That said, I would like to go ahead and get some opinions from you, my loyal and lovely readers. What do you think? Would you prefer two or three ways to gain entries into a blog giveaway, or do you love Twittering, Stumbling, Digging, blogging, and shuffling about the internet like a madman to try your hand at that fabulous necklace, scarf, or gift certificate?

Let me know what you guys think, and you’ll see those changes in store for the shimmery, colorful surprise shop feature on Wednesday!!!



  1. I like just having one way to enter. Very simple, and means I’m more likely to enter. At the most 3, and if 3, then something that everyone can do. Not everyone has Facebook, myspace, twitter, etsy, a blog. Like someone else stated, I don’t really think those ways of entering are very fair to those who don’t take part in all the internet networking sites, and the like.

  2. I too prefer a couple of ways of entering. sometimes the list is so long on how to enter that i don’t even bother reading it!

  3. I prefer no more than three ways to enter. It doesn’t seem fair to those of us who don’t take part in all those other ways (stumble, digg, etc.) And like you stated it detracts from the shop or blog that should be the focus of the giveaway.

  4. I like one or two ways to enter too. 🙂 I don’t have a lot of giveaways but on my last I had two ways to enter. It’s also fun when the way to enter is by answering a neat question.

  5. I usually just do the main entry anyway even if there are tons of ways. I may do one or two of the other if they are easy enough.

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