the look for less | handmade makeup edition

April 20, 2010 separator etsy

Since it’s Earth Month, I thought it prudent to highlight some ways to get naturally beautiful. Natural beauty products have long since left that bare-faced, patchouli-reeking hippie earth mother in the dust. They now bear names like absinthe and wasabi, and they can hold their own against the likes of MAC and Urban Decay. They can match the hottest spring fashion trends shimmer for shine, and the prices are enough to bust open even the tightest wallet.
via Diana Ionescu
Grand Total – $49.43 for a whole face worth of makeup to mix and match with all your faves!


    1. Lips Choose a lip color that’s a little bit brighter. Pale nude or brown lip hues tend to make you appear washed out in photos, particularly since you’ll be wearing white. If you normally wear a neutral hue, wear it as your base with a pink or rose color on top. If you normally wear dark lipstick, use that as your base and apply a lighter sheer pink on top to give you a lift. Even if you mix various lip colors when applying your makeup, make sure to have one lipstick to have with you for touching up during the day.The Less Shimmer the Better Be careful when using gloss and shimmer. Glossy lips are beautiful when they are first applied, but after a little while gloss tends to bleed and feather out. To keep this from happening, you can apply blotting powder around your lip line or a lip primer on your lips. As for shimmer; shimmer on the eyes looks beautiful in person but will look white in photographs. Small amounts of shimmer are okay, but keep it to a minimum. The less shimmer the better your photographs will be.Purchase Some Essential Products Preparing in advance and making a few important purchases for touching-up are very important. Unless you hire a makeup artist to follow you around all evening, these purchases will be essential to you. They are lipstick, lip liner, and blotting powder or cloths, in the event your face gets shiny.If you need advice on your makeup for your special day, I am a Senior Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics. Visit my website and look around. There are many great products to ensure that you have the perfect look for your wedding day. There is also a virtual makeover area you can click on to try different colors and create your own look.

    2. Stunning! You’ve managed to get the minerals to create such great, bright vibrant colours – I LOVE that! I really want to try that eyeliner now…

    3. Thank you so much for posting this! I’m a big fan and a wearer of mineral makeup myself when I actually take the time to wear more than lipgloss and mascara. What I buy does not even pale in comparison to the cost of this, though. xo.

    4. Oh, and also – if you’ve never seen Glittersniffer Cosmetics on Etsy, they’ve got some really great bright stuff for way cheaper than brands like Urban Decay 😀

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