Marketing Minute – Why I Love Llamas {or ‘On Giving’}

August 13, 2009 separator marketing minute

Okay, so llamas really have very little to do with this Marketing Minute, except that this particular llama is a clearly generous supporter of something noble and worthwhile, and you should be too. Stay with me to find out how and why:

  1. The economy sucks, right? – Think back over the past year. Just a year- I’m not asking too much. How many times have you discussed the sad state of the economy with somebody? How many times have you skipped an unnecessary purchase to save money and ‘buckle down?’
  2. Now, how many times last year do you think regular donors decided that their charity of choice was one of those ‘unnecessary expenses?’ – Maybe you yourself have even done this. Maybe you ignored that letter from St. Jude or the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society this year.
  3. If we’re struggling financially, then how must the non-profit organizations be doing? – If you’re cutting back on the foofy-poof items that you used to buy, then non-profits must be culling expenses as well. The only thing is, they didn’t buy unnecessary items in the first place. There’s no budgetary allowance for foofy-poofs in a non-profit.
  4. I know you’ve been cutting back, but think about it – What was the last thing you bought {maybe even an Etsy must-have} that you totally could have lived without? – I’m not trying to make you feel guilty – just more aware of where your money could be going. Stay with me just a little bit longer.
  5. How can you put your extra dollars {however few they may be} to better use? – Have you thought about making your next purchase from an Etsy shop that donates a portion of their proceeds to charity? Have you considered donating a portion of your own proceeds to charity? Even ten percent – a pittance really – could make a huge impact on a little organization.

Now, let’s talk more about the different ways to donate your proceeds to some lucky, struggling-in-this-terrible-economy non-profit.
  1. Donate a percentage of your proceeds to a certain organization. – You can change it up monthly or stick with one that’s close to your heart. Put a little note in your announcements and tag your items with the words ‘proceeds to charity.’
  2. Sell a certain item or series of items to a charity. – You could have a set of ACEOs or buttons or whatever your specialty is and donate the proceeds from that specific item.
  3. Contribute an item to a charity sale. – This is very little work for you, but you’re still making a major impact. You can often find these sales in the forums.

This is a fantastic idea because you’re giving back to the community, but it also has perks for you {if you still need some prodding…}.

  1. You get a warm fuzzy feeling when you send that money off to your charity of choice.
  2. People are often more inclined to buy from a shop that donates their proceeds.
  3. You get an extra little tax break; yes, we’re back to that whole crappy-economy thing.

So, there it is. I hope I’ve inspired some of you to get out there, choose a lucky donee, and update your shop announcements straightaway. I’m donating mine to the up-and-coming Bundles of Hope Foundation, founded by Bugaboo Jewelry. Please leave a comment on this post if you donate or if I’ve gotten your butt in gear to light up that warm fuzzy feeling!!!



  1. Yep. The hubs and I donated to Boobalooza (in Lexington!!) this year. They hold an art auction, and give the artists the option of donating 50% of the sale or 100%. We went with 100. Breast Cancer is a big deal to us, the hub’s mom just went through it, and we lost my aunt to it last year.

  2. very kewl Today I blogged about craft hope.Right now they are collecting sock monkeys for burn victims. Keep spreading the good word.
    I love to read post like this.

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