The Week in Review

March 7, 2010

  • Check out some of the best, most comprehensive blogging tips you’ll ever come across.
  • Ya know Jamie Oliver? The cute Brit chef? He’s got a scary message for America.
  • One of my new fave photography shops is having a spring cleanup sale, and lemme tell ya – it’s one good deal!
  • Do you ever have trouble keeping your blog posts planned out and organized? Then this free download is gonna be a lifesaver.
  • Dark and white chocolate raspberry truffle cake? Remind me what’s so terrible about being vegan again…
  • I always harp on great product photography (though I’m a total hypocrite – have you seen my miserable shop recently?!), and here it is!
  • Finally, I got a really freaking cute blog award that I’ve gotta pass along to a few lovelies. Thanks to Pink Dandy Chatter for sharing the love!!!

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And now, Sweetalicious lurve goes to (click banner to visit the lovelies!):

The Week in Review

February 6, 2010

Alright – new feature on leShrimp – I’m going to share some of my fave finds from around the Blogosphere every Saturday with you lovelies. I’m trying to grow your blogroll to epic proportions, if you hadn’t noticed…

via Living Locurto

  • If you’ve been wondering how everybody makes those little flowers to stick all over headbands and necklaces, wonder no more!
  • What’s your Ikea furniture name? Translate here.
  • I’m not a fan of Lost, but I’ll bet well over half of you are.
  • It’s not quite too late to plan a fun little Super Bowl Sunday menu. Beer margaritas – hmm – I’m intrigued…
  • I need these pants – no no no – the ones all the way at the bottom of the post. Yeah – those. What’dya think?
  • My fave tool shop just stocked back up on metal stamping supplies!
  • I want an invite to a secret supper club, but you can keep the bison, thankyouverymuch.
  • I may seriously have to make some of these cupcakes for VDay.

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