happy earth day, chickadees!

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."
     - Maria Robinson
via XylitolFairy
Sooo Earth Day is finally here, and I think it's a good time for all of us to make a commitment to at least one small change for the coming year. The world isn't going to change itself, as I think we've all figured out, so we've really gotta step it up, and soon. 

This year I'm going to...
  • actually remember to take my fifty reusable grocery bags into the store with me...
  • stick with natural cleaning products from now on (shameless plug: my Seventh Generation giveaway).
  • recycle everything I possibly can.
  • grow more plants - houseplants and maybe ever a couple outside ones!
  • conserve water. The future of our water supply is terrifying. Read this.
  • open the windows more and use the a/c less. (Let's see how far into June I make it with this one...)
  • buy local. The further your food travels, the harder it hits the environment. Shop the farmer's market. It tastes better anyway.
Please take this opportunity to make your own little commitment to change. What will you do this year to protect the future of the planet? Leave a comment with your own, and write your own post to raise awareness!!!


  1. Good ideas! I am going to do my part too. I love how different shopping venues have the reusable totes now. I think we should all be using those instead of plastic grocery bags... Yuck!
    I just love your blog (if I haven't said that 100 times already) =)

  2. I love your list of steps you are trying to take. With one exception, I actually started doing all of these shortly after I moved to Germany. They are way ahead of us in terms of conservation and recycling, and you MUST comply if you live there. (Plus water costs a fortune!) This nice side effect is, now that I"m back in the States, I've found most of these have become ingrained habits.
    It seems tough at first, but after a few repetitions, you'll get these down...and find you're sticking to 'em too!

    one small piece of advice: maybe keep a reusable grocery bag (or three ha ha) in your car. that way you always have them when you need 'em.)

    great post!

  3. I just did a post on reusable bags not too long ago - I've been trying to use them more often because I feel guilty about taking paper/plastic bags home with me, even though I re-use them at least one more time before throwing them away (usually as trash bags).

    I also unplug appliances when they're not in use (laptop computers, portable heaters, microwaves, toaster ovens, phone chargers). Supposedly they use electricity even when they're not on or charging.

    One thing that really helps with water consumption is collecting the water you use to wash dishes (assuming you don't use detergent) and using it to water your plants. We have an empty bucket and you'd be surprised at how much water you use to wash dishes at each meal! The dishwashing water gets used 2x, our plants are happy, and our water bill stays down. Everyone wins!