DIY Boho Decor Living Room Makeover: Before and After!

May 28, 2021 separator Before & After

This was our living room before Covid. It was… fine? There wasn’t anything wrong with it, but it wasn’t very exciting, either. 

Something about being home 24/7 really lights a fire to finish all those projects you’ve been putting off, and this room was pretty much the last holdout that we hadn’t painted or redecorated since moving in. 

I’ll get to the good stuff (before and afters!!!!) in a minute, but for anybody just skimming, here’s a list of the boho room decor pieces and supplies I used.

My Modern Boho Living Room Decor Sources + Memorial Day Sales

Because we were home constantly, and since daycare was closed for the pandemic, we had to break the living room makeover into manageable little pieces — and find a way to work around our very young assistant. 

I also had to whittle down Andrei’s hesitations about every single part of the project. “I like the door black!” “I like the walls beige!” “The pictures on the wall are fine the way they are!” “We have enough plants already!” “The rug still looks decent!” 

Narrator: The rug did not still look decent. 

It’s me. I’m the narrator. 

So we started by painting the front door charcoal. I outsourced that work to my assistant. Who works in her underwear. We have a pretty loose dress code around these parts. The color is Graphic Charcoal by Behr

Then we moved on to the beige walls. I couldn’t talk Andrei into going too bold, but I did win half the battle and got an accent wall!

The main walls are Behr Marquee in Looking Glass, and the accent wall is Behr Marquee in Zen. 

Then it came time to start accessorizing! We’re talking accent furniture, shelving, lighting, art, and all the plants!

I had this outdoor rug rolled up under the couch for ages waiting on this room makeover. It’s the prettiest pinky terracotta color, and since it’s made for outside, I’m finding it holds up to the toddler much better than our light-colored, indoor rug. 

The pictures are going to get better soon, I swear. Just keep scrolling with me!

I wanted a modern boho living room decor vibe, with airy accessories. I partnered with on the lighting, and my favorite piece that they sent me is definitely the Arlo Plug-In Pendant in Satin Nickel with one of their decorative LED bulbs

I cut giant wooden beads with my Dremel and then glued them back together around the cord to add to the boho vibe. If you’re handy with wiring, you could just slide the beads right over the cord without needing the cut them. 

Here’s a super quick tutorial in case you want to duplicate with your own pendant lamp at home:

  1. Use a Dremel to cut large wooden beads in half. Alternately, you could cut a thick wooden dowel into segments and drill a hole through them to make your own giant wooden beads.
  2. Wrap the cord tightly in plastic wrap or an old plastic bag — something that glue won’t stick to. 
  3. Use wood glue to glue the two halves of a wooden bead back together around the wrapped cord. Clamp or tape around the wooden beads to hold them in place overnight while the glue dries. 

The steps are pictured below:

P.S. You could totally use wood hole filler to fill in the cracks where the beads are cut, but I kind of like the more rustic look of just leaving them this way!

Time for more boho room decor!

We switched out our old LaZBoy for the GRÖNADAL rocking chair from lady baby’s nursery. I like to keep a blanket draped over it to keep it from feeling too formal. 

The stool is an old World Market find that I also moved out of nursery to soften up the living room even more with some plush texture. 

This room doesn’t have any built-in light fixtures, so we went heavy on the accent lighting. This one above is the Castel 2 Globe Floor Lamp in matte black, which goes perfectly with the other black and charcoal accents we incorporated into the room. They have the same style in a table lamp if you’re looking for something smaller. 

I spray painted that hanging planter with chalkboard paint to match the floor lamp, and I love how they look together!

The lamp below is the Prospect Table Lamp with the prettiest vintage-inspired LED Edison bulb. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but it has a beautiful ridged design. You have to check this out to really see it!

The map is a project I hand-painted on repurposed pallet wood years and years ago, and it’s traveled to a few homes with us!

More Before Pictures


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