Lindsay Hugs all the Animals No. 7 . Penguins

May 14, 2014 separator Life

Fact about me: I have a borderline psychotic mild obsession with animals. I love them. Pretty much all of them. I like to think they love me back, so I’m on a quest to hug them. Pretty much all of them.

For my birthday a couple years ago, Andrei outdid himself with a pretty epic surprise: he took me skydiving. AHH! But that’s a story for another day…


After I recovered from the shock of jumping out of an airplane, he took me to the Newport Aquarium for a “penguin encounter.” Be still, my heart. I was in a room full of penguins. They have so much personality, and their keepers know each of them by their name and markings. These particular guys don’t actually live in colder climates, so we didn’t have to freeze our tail feathers off to pay them a visit. 😀


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