lindsay hugs all the animals . duck

May 10, 2012 separator Life

New fact about me: I have a borderline psychotic mild obsession with animals. I love them. Pretty much all of them. I like to think they love me back, so I’m on a quest to hug them. Pretty much all of them. 
Welcome to the first hug in my collection, a lovely duck in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, circa 2008. I think it looks rather sassy here, and I enjoy that about it. 


  1. I take it those two scratches on your arm are a part of the series: Results of Lindsay hugging all the animals. 😉

  2. Bahahaha he does look sassy! I go walking by some lakes near my work and almost always see some ducks (lately baby ducks too!) and I’ve had the urge to become friendly with them. Maybe just pet them. But hugging would be ideal.

  3. Adorable!! I love animals too, and I would definitely hug any of them willing to accept 🙂

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