my big makeover

May 15, 2012 separator Life

Remember two forevers ago when I was contemplating a haircut? Well, I finally manned up and did it… Check it out after the jump!

I cut off about ten inches, all said and done. I’ve gotten a few “Oh noooo, you cut off all your beautiful hair!” comments, but I love it and might’ve even gone shorter in hindsight. I’m donating it, so I think it was totally worth the change. It’s healthier and so. much. easier. I’m quite pleased that now I won’t be traipsing around Europe constantly trying to untangle my one giant dreadlock, which is what that “beautiful” hair turned into halfway through every day – meh!


  1. Looks great! I had nearly waist length hair for a year or so that would turn into dreadlocks too (my hair’s curly which made it even more of a nightmare). I’ve really been missing my hair lately, but this reminded how awesome short hair is.

  2. I have super long hair, too, and I’ve been contemplating chopping it… I think you just gave me the last push I needed! Your new haircut looks SO fab on you!! 🙂

  3. love it! i like the pic of the leftover braids. i donated once, and it was so weird holding all that hair and thinking that it had just been attached to my head right before that!

  4. I used to have incredibly long hair too and thought that I would look less pretty with shorter hair. Boy was I wrong!

    That hair cut on you is so flattering. It really frames your face and is lovely!

  5. It looks great! I’ve donated my hair twice so far and loved doing it every time 🙂 I’m currently in a “grow out” stage so I can chop it again 🙂

  6. Good decision, the new cut looks amazing!!! I always get the warm-fuzzies when I donate hair. Bravo!

  7. It looks beautiful. My hair is getting a bit on the long side now and its starting to get knotty and annoying too.

  8. Looks very, very good! One of my best friends cutted her hair too and I love it!

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