the time I was attacked by a pterodactyl

May 16, 2012 separator Life

First of all, I spelled pterodactyl correctly on the first try. 

Secondly, this post is alternately titled “The Time I Wore the Same Thing as the Wall.”

Thirdly, this is yet another reason why I love Kentucky. Bored? Well, you can pet kangaroos, go spelunking, and flee from vicious prehistoric carnivores all within minutes of each other!

Finally, I just learned that, while “spelunking” is a perfectly acceptable verb (and activity), one cannot simply “spelunk.” You have to have that “-ing” to properly crawl through a cave, evidently…


  1. I’m pretty sure I need to know where all these places are! I’m in Ohio and we visit ky all the time because Ohio can be boring lol! oh and the pants/wall thing. priceless.

  2. Too funny! I actually did pet a kangaroo in Kentucky at Kentucky Down Under. It was actually a cool place. My husband and I stopped on our way to Mammoth Cave (We didn’t do any cave spelunking though). Yikes, the thought of crawling through a cave gives me the hippie jibbies! Kentucky is a nice state, with lots to do.

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