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November 1, 2017 separator Cactus Crafts

Paint by Numbers Furniture MOCKELBY Bench IKEA Hacks

Our basement is finally done, and I can’t wait to show you guys how it turned out!

Did you catch the projects I’ve shared so far for my room makeover in partnership with IKEA? In case you missed them, here’s the rug I painted and the bar we built from a sideboard — a couple of my favorite IKEA hacks so far!

Because of the sort of odd shape of the room, we were left with a big empty space at the front, even after adding the bar. I decided to turn it into a mudroom area when I found the MÖCKELBY bench.

It’s a nice, heavy oak piece, and I thought a little botanical paint by numbers accent was the perfect touch to tie it into the rest of the room! Read on to see how to create your own paint by numbers furniture.

P.S. That wood and “brass” plant stand up there in the first picture is an SKOGSTA stool IKEA hack, too. Here’s the tutorial!

Paint by Numbers Furniture MOCKELBY Bench IKEA HacksPaint by Numbers Furniture MOCKELBY Bench IKEA Hacks

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How to Turn a Photo into Paint by Numbers

The Free Trick for How to Turn a Photo into Paint by Numbers Wall Art

Before we dive into the bench project, let me share a little trick I’m pretty much obsessed with.

I found a free online tool to make a custom paint by numbers template from your own photos, so be sure to check it out if you think you might like that better! 

DIY Paint-by-Numbers Furniture

You could make paint by numbers furniture on a bench like I did, but you could also do a table top or the front of a cabinet — even a headboard of a bed. This will work on any flat, matte surface!

Paint by Numbers Furniture MOCKELBY Bench IKEA Hacks


Paint by Numbers Furniture IKEA Hacks

Here’s everything you need to make this project, including free printable templates for the paint by numbers design. I also have flower design and cactus scene templates if you want to check those out for your paint by numbers furniture projects!


*Apologies in advance because the number 1s are backwards. Weird design snafu. 😉


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How to Make Paint by Numbers Furniture

1. Sand the top of the bench just a bit to give it a rougher finish. This will help the template adhere better.

Paint by Numbers Furniture IKEA Hacks

2. Print out the paint by numbers template, and cut it out.

Paint by Numbers Furniture IKEA Hacks

3. Brush matte medium on the back of the template, and carefully place it onto the corner of the bench.

Use a gift card or something with a hard, straight edge to gently smooth out the template, scraping out any bubbles. Be careful not to tear the wet paper.

Paint by Numbers Furniture IKEA Hacks

4. Brush another thin coat of matte medium over the template, going over the edges to seal it on.

Paint by Numbers Furniture IKEA Hacks

5. Paint the sections one color at a time. I like to paint white over all of the number I’m working on so it doesn’t show through at all.

Tip: Start with the lightest color, and work your way to the darkest. It’s easier to cover up mistakes that way.

Paint by Numbers Furniture IKEA Hacks

6. When the paint has completely dried, roll over the whole surface of the bench with a coat of matte varnish to seal it.

Paint by Numbers Furniture MOCKELBY Bench IKEA HacksPaint by Number Furniture Tutorial With Free Printable Template - IKEA Hacks Mockelby Bench


  1. Your basement makeover is looking fantastic, and those IKEA hacks are impressive! It’s like giving your space a happy birthday funny coworker makeover. And speaking of birthdays, here’s a funny wish for a coworker: “Just as you’ve transformed your room, may your birthday be a makeover of joy and laughter! Cheers to another year of fantastic memories!”

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  4. Exactly — freehand it would take Ever, but this method is SO Simple!!

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  9. Can you use any color by number sheet, out of the adult coloring books?? or does it have to be a special kind of paper?

  10. Such a great idea! I have seen peojects with freehand on something and say to myself, “that is never gonna happen”. NOW IT WILL!

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  13. Aaaaahhhhhh, I LOVE this project! It’s so so beautiful! And so smart that you decoupaged the image onto the bench. Definitely recreating this!

  14. This is crazy gorgeous! SO so smart to paint on the paper, I would have never thought of that. Pinned.

    1. Paint by numbers is a great way to try your hand at painting without all the pressure of blending colors and whatnot! 🙂

  15. Love the hack! Thank you for sharing! What a fun idea to try for a clumsy person like me.

  16. This is so cool! I’ve always wished I could paint, haven’t been successful but this looks easy. Maybe I’ll try it!

  17. Umm super craftsy! That looks amazing and such a cute way to spice up a basic item!

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