Tips for Enjoying Time Outside With a Newborn to Keep From Going Stir Crazy

October 29, 2017 separator a mile in my shoes

Tips for Enjoying Time Outside With a Newborn

I’m proud to team up with Fisher-Price for this sponsored post. They gave me their On-the-Go Baby Dome to try out, but you can always count on me for honest opinions and original content.

It’s still surreal that I have a ten-week-old daughter. It’s gone by so fast that it feels like she’s just been in our lives for moments, but it’s also like I can’t remember life without her.

Every day of parenthood so far has meant us growing, learning, and all getting used to life together as a family of three. I’ve treasured every moment of my maternity leave so far, but it didn’t take me nearly as long as I would’ve expected to get really stir-crazy in those early days.

Fortunately, we discovered early on that Cricket loves to be outside. So I’ve partnered with Fisher-Price® to share a few tips for enjoying time outside with a newborn.

Tips for Enjoying Time Outside With a Newborn

We spend a lot of time going for walks around the neighborhood. In fact, it’s my go-to if I can’t get our lady baby to quit crying after I’ve tried feeding, changing, and bouncing around the house for ages. But sometimes we want to just hang out and relax without having her stuck in her stroller.

Tips for Spending Time Outside With a Newborn

Fortunately, having a newborn doesn’t mean we’re all stuck giving up our favorite activities. That includes outdoor excursions that don’t require being tethered to a stroller.

I’ve found a few things super helpful on our first couple forays out into the world. Hopefully they help you, too:

  1. Make sure you have a safe space for your baby to lie down since they’re still too young to roll over, crawl, or hold their head up.
  2. Protect their delicate skin from sun and biting insects.
  3. Stock the diaper bag, including a baggie for dirty diapers.
  4. Plan for any weather extremes with the right clothing.
  5. Bring along a couple of favorite toys or playthings to keep them entertained.
  6. Take lots of pictures of your adorable little one. They’ll be doing completely different things even just a week from now!

Tips for Enjoying Time Outside With a Newborn

The Hassle (and Worry) Free Way We Get Outside Together

One thing we definitely don’t need as new parents is more stuff to haul around, so I appreciate anything that does double-duty. Enter the Fisher-Price® On-the-Go Baby Dome. This adorable little folding play area and nap space checks off a ton of the boxes for a successful outing.

The canopy folds shut and provides UPF 20 to protect babies from birth through months from the sun, but it should only be used with a child who is unable to push up on hands and knees, pull up, or sit unassisted. I was a little worried about closing Cricket in during the warmer days, but this play dome has breathable mesh sides and not only helps keep her cool but also protects her from mosquitoes. To give you an idea how well it works, I think I was bitten at least nine times while we were out taking these pictures. But lady baby didn’t have a single bite!

It also has a couple super cute little hanging toys that she can bat at. They even detach for when she starts teething or wanting to grab things. And it’s safe for napping (flat on her back, of course!). Since we don’t have to head back to the house to let her sleep, we get to stay out longer.

Do you have any pro tips to share for new parents like us? 

Tips for Enjoying Time Outside With a NewbornTips for Enjoying Time Outside With a Newborn Tips for Enjoying Time Outside With a Newborn


  1. I don’t have any babies yet but I’ll defin keeps these tips in mind, especially since I have friends who are expecting!

  2. My neighbor also has a ten week old son and her go ot activity to get him to sleep when all else fails are walks in our neighborhood, w’ill share these tips with her

  3. These are great tips and newborns just love being outside, there’s so much to see and discover! She’s so precious and I love the On-The-Go Babydome!

  4. It is so easy to go stir crazy with a newborn. Getting outside is key, and exposure to the sunlight will help with sleep, too!

  5. Where was this product 6 years ago?! I would have loved, loved, LOVED this On-The-Go Dome to bring my little ones outside when they were beginning to stir. I love that it is easy to carry around and you can hang out without having to worry about your baby being uncomfortable.

  6. These are good things to keep in mind. Little ones can be a lot to handle and being able to spend time with them outside in a safe way is great!

  7. It must be hard knowing what to do when you have a newborn but getting out in the fresh air sounds like a really good idea for all the new family.

  8. These are great tips for spending time toudoors with a newborn When my kids were babies, I remember spending a lot of time outside with them.

  9. What a great idea for getting outside without being limited to going for a walk. There are so many great things for babies now.

    1. Yeah I guess that’s one of the nicest things about having a new baby now — such wonderful conveniences.

  10. I wished that they had something like this when my kids were babies. This is such a great idea! I have seen them being used at the beach as well.

  11. When I had a newborn I was going stir crazy at times. These are some great tips on how to keep yourself from going stir crazy with a newborn!

  12. What sweet photos! This looks like a helpful canopy. I used to take my kids out in their strollers. They enjoyed being walked around.

    1. Thanks, Amber! It is super helpful, and we rely heavily on the stroller, too. Whatever keeps them smiling!

  13. We are well out of this stage these days. I would have used something like this when my kids were babes.

  14. These are great tips. It’s always good to have a change of scenery and get some fresh air. Babies love to be outside too.

  15. My babies always loved being outdoors. Going for walks around the block or just getting some fresh air is always refreshing. Your baby is adorable.

  16. All my children spent time out doors shortly after they were born. Fisher price has always made great items and toys.

  17. My kids were outdoors from day 1. There is no way I could have stayed cooped up in the house all day with a newborn. That canopy sounds great 🙂

  18. Really great tips for new mothers. Its better to be overly prepared then underprepared when it comes to bring a new baby outside. Always have clothes and food.

  19. I don’t have kids but this is super helpful for hanging out with my nephew!

  20. I’m not planning on having kids any time soon buuut I love the tips and will think about them when i’m wth my younger cousins

  21. I’m not planning on having kids any time soon buuut I love the tips and will think about them when i’m wth my younger cousins

    1. Thanks, Andrea! And yeah, there are lots of things we don’t *have* to have, but one of the advantages of having babies now is all the advances we’ve made in health, safety, and leisure advances and products. I definitely feel lucky to have had our girl at a time when we have so many fun options. 🙂

  22. The baby dome looks awesome but I’m sure it would be fine without it. After all there were no baby dome when we grew up and we were outside all the time.

  23. This was an eye-opening article for me, not being a parent and all. I’ll keep your advise in mind!

    1. Hey Tom! I just tried it out, and I would say it’s under six inches thick or so when collapsed. While it’s large enough for newborn twins, they don’t recommend putting them in together due to safety concerns. But I’ve passed this along as a great suggestion for future products!!

    1. Agreed, Sarah! We have to tote around so many things that it’s nice to have something that multi-tasks. 🙂

  24. I love products that have more than one use AND are still adorable. This looks like one of those must have items for a mama who enjoys her outside time, thank you for sharing this cool gadget with us!

    1. It really is super helpful because we’re still uber protective of her skin with the bug and everything!

  25. Awww you all look adorable together 🙂 Love getting outside when you have a young baby, getting stuck inside is no fun at that stage!

  26. Lady Baby is just the cutest! This dome looks super smart for baby outings, especially with the mosquito protection. Good for you for finding ways to get outside with your little one, so important! xoxo

    1. Thanks, Carrie! It’s really been so nice to have because even just in our own backyard, the mosquitos are insane! 🙂

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