Lindsay Hugs all the Animals No. 8 – Goat

March 2, 2015 separator Life

Fact about me: I have a borderline psychotic mild obsession with animals. I love them. Pretty much all of them. I like to think they love me back, so I’m on a quest to hug them. Pretty much all of them. Here are my hugs so far!

This is Jenny. She’s a doll of a goat who lives at Fromagerie Belle Chevre in Elkmont, Alabama, and I love her. Liiike a whole lot. She fell asleep on me shortly after this picture, and it took pretty much every ounce of willpower I had to not sneak her into the car. That and the fact that it wasn’t my car…

The people at Belle Chevre were super sweet, too, but I hug people all the time, so it felt a lot less exciting. 😉

Unrelated fun fact: as we were leaving the creamery, a couple celebrities (who shall remain unnamed but who you might remember from a little show called Charmed) made a stop to milk goats for their reality show. We tried to wait around, since I’m not above collecting celebrity hugs, but they were super late, and I didn’t want Jenny to get the wrong impression that I might be her new mom…


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  1. I just came across your blog. This series is great; I just had to go back and see the other animals 🙂 Love this, though. I grew up with a goat who thought he was a dog. Jenny is too cute 🙂

  2. I can’t believe a goat fell asleep on you!! Cute! What have been some of your favorite animals you’ve hugged? What are the craziest kinds of animals you’ve hugged?

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