Lemon . #ShrimpSaladSpectrum No. 15

March 1, 2015 separator color inspiration

ShrimpSaladSpectrum 15 Lemon

How to Play (and Win!)

  1. Every Sunday, I post a picture with the color of the week.
  2. You have until the end of that Saturday to tag your perfectly-colored Instagram photos with #ShrimpSaladSpectrum.
  3. Feel free to go back and tag old photos if you find that perfect pop of color.
  4. I’ll pick my favorite and post it on Instagram and the blog on Sunday!

Ready to play? This week’s color is LEMON YELLOW.

P.S. If your Instagram account is private, I won’t be able to see your pictures, even with the hashtag. I’m sorry to be a bummer, but I totally understand that you want to keep your cute babies, boozy weekends, and family moments to yourselves!

Last Week’s Winners

meandering_mari . jenelle_spoolsdrool . kiradesa

ShrimpSaladSpectrum Mustard Winners

The Latest in the #ShrimpSaladSpectrum


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