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To comply with FTC regulations and make sure that you guys don’t think I’m sneaky or weasel-y, please find a full disclosure statement regarding paid advertising, sponsorship, and affiliate program participation at Shrimp Salad Circus. 

Why I Do This
I spend hours each week dreaming up, photographing, editing, and writing tutorialsblog better articles, and all my other posts. I love every aspect of the process, but because of the time and expense related to running the blog, I accept paid advertising/sponsorships, the occasional sponsored post or product review, and I participate in affiliate marketing programs. Doing so helps me to cover the costs of running Shrimp Salad Circus. As much as I’d love for somebody to start sending me all my craft supplies for free (hint, hint, Hobby Lobby…), I’m still footing that bill. Then there’s the camera and accouterments. And the fun extras that I could probably live without but just can’t resist, like editing software and graphic design help. Good things. Necessary things.
What “This” Means
Any post that could generate some dollaz (or, more likely, cents) for me, including sponsored content, affiliate links (which generate small commission), or even free products, will be noted with a disclosure statement in the footer. I will always identify content that could be perceived as a conflict of interest. That way, you can decide whether or not you want your potential purchase to chip in on on my next batch of dye or camera lens. I currently participate in affiliate programs through Amazon, ShopSense, and RewardStyle.
That said, please rest assured that I do not accept payment from any advertiser that I have not or would not purchase from myself. I don’t link to products I wouldn’t buy, and I’m always honest with you guys. All views and opinions are mine, and trust me, I’m very opinionated! As often as possible, I try to link to craft supplies or products that I actually own, though sometimes they’re just goodies that I’d love to own. So feel free to buy them for me. My birthday’s in December. ;D
After you read all this, if you do decide, “Hey, that’s cool with me!” then thanks – I think you’re pretty neat, too!


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