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Friday Favorites No. 28

I’m coveting all sorts of goodness from all over the internet today. Could somebody just go ahead and start making me all the pretty things from all the pretty tutorials? I know you’re supposed to do it yourself, but I keep finding myself far too busy… Anywho – this week’s roundup is dedicated to my dear friend Eleftheria because I miss her adorable face!

She keeps blowing my mind with these things.
I know this is supposed to be for the littles, but I really want one!
This is beautiful – and totally puts mine to shame.
I’m intrigued. Not sure what I think, but definitely intrigued
What a fun twist on the old standard.
These are a little crazy, but I love them all the more for it.
I freakin’ love these to celebrate little milestones!
I want every day to be this bright and airy.
How fun – constructing these, rather than deconstructing them.
I’m pretty much in love with this whole ensemble.
This is a nice melding of utility and beauty.
I’ve got the top secret formula. And a coupon.
Don’t mind if I do, thanks!

Image from Lantliv


Favorite Finds No. 33

You guys! I have all sort of crazy big news that I’m just dying to share with you! I’m trying to hold off for just a little bit longer, but stay tuned on Instagram for the big reveal (and maybe a few little hints here and there…).

Image by Set the Table

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Favorite Finds No. 31

Don’t forget that next week is going to be chock-full of fun giveaways, printables, and freebies to celebrate Shrimp Salad Circus’s fifth birthday!

Image by A Fabulous Fete

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