Here’s Your Chance for Brutal Honesty

February 10, 2014 separator Blogging

Happy Monday, friends. What better way is there to start the week than by asking you guys for a big favor?! I’m planning content and topics for the year, but I want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want from Shrimp Salad Circus so that you don’t jump ship for smoother sailing on other blogs (too much metaphor…?). If I know what you want, I can make sure that my tutorials are on-trend and that I’m not boring you to death with way more posts than you want to read…
Will you lend a hand by taking this super-short survey? It’s only 10 questions, and I’ll use the (totally anonymous) responses to make sure Shrimp Salad Circus is being all that it can be. 😉 Just click my cute little button below to tell me what you think! Leave a comment here if you have any questions or want to provide not-so-anonymous advice or opinions.