let’s play 20 questions

May 31, 2010 separator Life

I registered on Formspring.me forever-ever ago and forgot all about it. I’ve got a lot of new people around here as well as tons of long-time readers, so I thought it might be fun if you guys got to ask me anything you wanted. You can use the widget below to interrogate me or go directly to my cute little Formspring page to see what else I’ve answered and ask your own questions. 

* Please note that I reserve the right to plead the fifth and will not answer anything regarding the following (and anything else I deem skeevy): my address, my banking information, my underwear, your underwear, and so on and so forth. Thank you.

Oh, and wanna win $45 worth of mineral makeup, including five eyeshadows that you get to pick out yourself? Yeah, I thought so.