Call for Nominations: Shrimp Salad Circus Tops in '09 Awards


This should probably have been thrown together far in advance of New Year's, but during my slightly-less-than-a-year as a blogger, I've come across some really wonderful sites that I check almost daily. It occurred to me that it would be great if we all shared our favorite sites. I've therefore decided to issue a call for nominations for the first annual Shrimp Salad Circus Tops in '09 Blog Awards!!! Winners will receive fame, fortune, and a lovely award button, created by yours truly!

  • design
  • DIY
  • fashion
  • lifestyle/personal
  • food
  • other
How to Nominate:
Leave a comment on this post, or send me a message using the 'contact' tab at the top of the blog, and include the following information:
  • URL of your nominee blog's homepage
  • category
  • brief explanation of why you're nominating the blog
I will accept nominations until January 13, at which time I will post a list of the top five nominees in each category and a series of polls to vote for the winner of each category. If there are not enough nominees in any given category, then I reserve the right to add in my favorites so that you guys don't miss out on any wonderful reads!!!

Get to it, people - let's see those lovely blogs!!!

P.S. Feel free to nominate your own site, if you think it's up to the task!


  1. yay awards!

    * http://windshielddiaries.blogspot.com
    * lifestyle / personal
    * because it's a newer blog, and I think it's pretty spiffy for being the new kid on the block (if I do say so myself :) )

  2. This blog rocks (hahahaha!)


    And yes its mine!

  3. I'm not really sure which category this would be, cuz there's a bit of everything! I love Violet Bella: http://violetbellasworld.blogspot.com/
    This gal does it all- crafting, sewing, photography, and her blog makes you feel like you're there hangin out with her fabulous self. She's definitely got her own unique style, and her blog is full of eye candy. Her etsy shops are amazing, and she seems like a truly beautiful person.

  4. http://fuzzington.blogspot.com

    Category: Other

    Reason - Where else are you going to find a blog about super neat-o pipe cleaner animals?

  5. A blog I have recently fallen for big time is Nothing Elegant by Tara- think it would come under the lifestyle/personal category:

    And also (cheekily) my little blog about my life and work in London- so lifestyle/personal again I guess:

    Good look everyone! xxx

  6. For Vintage Fashion in the UK, check out http://vintagesecretblog.blogspot.com,We were in British Vogue in November, but its still just the two of us running the little site, blog and vintage parties!

  7. I would like to nominate my sisters blog: http://captivecreativity.blogspot.com/

    It is a bit of everything but more on the food, DIY and lifestyle/personal.

    She just started her blog last year but she is faithful to posting and she has even started posting on Totally Tutorials. I am one proud sister to say the least!

    I would also like to nominate Deidre from http://hinterlandvintage.com/
    She always has great interviews of vintage sellers and fun personal posts.

    If we can nominate ourselves then I would like to do that as well! But I think that is a little silly :)

  8. Hello :o)

    I would like to nominate my own blog - http://raisinlike.blogspot.com

    I think the most suitable category is lifestyle/personal

    I am proud of my blog - I think I combine a whimsy (well.. silly) writing about my life and mainly about my handmade puppets and their rich inner world with Etsy marketing tips (not as good as yours, but I am constantly improving), my trips and adventures, plus size fashion and more.

    I like my blog, and hope you will too :o)