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December 29, 2009 separator DIY Tutorial

You may have noticed this one a few weeks back when I guest posted on Ucreate! In case you missed it that go-around or didn’t click through to Ucreate, here’s the full tutorial:

  • sterling silver disc
  • brass or copper disc
  • metal letter stamps
  • dapping block and punch
  • steel bench block
  • hammer or heavy rubber mallet
  • jump ring
  • sterling silver necklace chain
Most of these tools can be purchased for a relatively low start-up cost from Evie’s Tool Emporium on Etsy. I’ve been in touch with Michelle of Evie’s, and she says that the stamping tools should be back in stock after New Year’s! For the rest, I recommend browsing Etsy and eBay.


Step 1. Decide what you would like your disc to say. Count the letters in the word or phrase to determine which is the middle letter. I like to start at the middle to make sure the word is centered. My disc will say ‘blessed,’ so I started with the ‘s.’Step 2. Place your sterling disc onto the steel bench block. This absorbs the shock of the hammer’s blow and allows for a deep, even impression. Be sure that your stamp is right side up, and position it at the bottom center of your disc. Holding the stamp firmly in place, strike it twice very firmly just as you would with a nail. I have heard from people who know far more than I do that it is better for your stamps to use a heavy rubber mallet.

Step 3. Position your next letter next to the first. You can set the stamp in place and then tilt it back a bit to check the reflection to see where the letter will fall. I like my letters to be fairly widely-space, but you can put them as close or far as you’d like. Repeat until your word or phrase is complete.

Step 4. Place your brass or copper disc into the largest well on your dapping block. It is essential to begin with the largest well and gradually move into smaller wells to prevent your disc from skirting from being forced too suddenly into another shape.

Step 5. Very firmly hammer your punch while constantly moving it around the circumference of the disc and gradually rotating inward until you’ve reached the center. When you have formed the disc into the shape of the first well, you can move it into a smaller one and repeat the process.

Step 6. Continue dappping your disc until it has taken on a sufficiently domed appearance.

Step 7. Thread the sterling disc onto a jump ring. Next, thread the brass or copper disc onto the same ring over the sterling disc. Be sure that the dome is facing upwards, sort of like a little roof over your sterling disc. Close the ring and thread it onto a sterling silver necklace chain.

The domed disc can be rotated on the jump ring to reveal a hidden message beneath! This would make a really thoughtful gift for the woman who already has everything in the world or could even be made into a keychain for a man’s gift.


  1. Lindsay-
    Thank you for the shout out about our tools!
    We appreciate it!
    Michelle @ Evie’s Tool Emporium

  2. Thank you for taking the time to put together this tutorial! The dapping instructions were particulary helpful to me.

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