How To-sday (How Fri-day?) – Hidden Message Locket Necklace

December 11, 2009 separator DIY Tutorial

If anybody was wondering why The Anti-Treasury posted on Tuesday instead of Friday (yeah – probably not…), then here’s your answer: I am the ‘Creative Guest’ today on Ucreate! If you want the full tutorial for this super-darling necklace, then head on over to Ucreate, and be sure to leave a comment for Kari, the lovely lady behind the blog!


  1. So what other hidden talents do you have? And where do you find the time:} I just want to throw twitter out the window:{ I try to “tweet” and it says it is to capacity try back later, with the cute lil wale on the page. Man oh man I would rather have finals everyday than deal with twitter:) LOL {until I get the hang of it}
    I hope that your finals go great!!

  2. I’m definitely going to try this. I’m looking at the stamp sets on Etsy and they come in a variety of sizes. What size letters do you recommend?

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