Apothecary Jar Moss Terrarium – How To-sday

December 2, 2009 separator DIY Tutorial

Today’s How To-sday is a little different in that it’s not actually on my blog (okay – and that it’s actually Wednesday…). That’s right – I am a guest on Dabbled.org today! Visit Dabbled for a full tutorial on how to make a moss terrarium in about 20 minutes using free or incredibly cheap items that you can find mostly around your own yard or local park! I also have to shamelessly brag about how freaking adorable Mish is. He must like the way the moss smells or something because he won’t part with his beloved terrarium – he’s still sitting there curled up around it!You wanna know the most exciting thing about this week’s tutorial? I have officially crossed item number 96 off my

100 Things to Do Before I Turn 25 list – and just before I turn 24, no less!!! I based this project on a guest tutorial from Mossopotamia.


  1. That is the cutest picture of your cat!!
    Just found your blog.
    Will def return soon.
    Keep b n an inspiration.


  2. We must be long-lost soul mates or something…terrariums with photos of our cats. Insane! xo, Sara @ Twinkle-Studio

  3. oooh I’m def gonna check out that tutorial- My SIL’s new baby’s nursery is woodland-themed and I saw the cutest little mushroom add-ins for terrariums on etsy. I think the baby needs one for his room!

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