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November 24, 2009 separator DIY Tutorial

DIY Message in a Bottle Jewelry or Keychain


Here it is – the handmade gift personalized by you for the special guy in your life! Of course, my message in a bottle jewelry tutorial would make a great women’s necklace as well, but you know how hard those guys are to shop for! This is another fabulous Tutorial Exchange project with a glass vial provided by the sweetest Angie of Supply Pusher!

DIY Message in a Bottle Jewelry - Supplies


  • Glass vial with top (provided by Supply Pusher)
  • Brass disc with hole
  • 2 jump rings
  • Key ring
  • 2 slips of paper cut to the height of the vial
  • Black permanent marker
  • Nice pen
  • Metal letter stamps (provided by Evie’s Tool Emporium)
  • Steel bench block
  • Hammer
  • E-6000 adhesive
  • Steel wool or fine-grit sandpaper

DIY Message in a Bottle Jewelry - Step 1

1. Position your first letter stamp on your starting point on your brass disc atop your bench block. Firmly hit the top of the stamp two to three times with your hammer. Continue adding your letters around the circumference of the disc. I ran out of room so resorted to ‘b/c’ instead of ‘because,’ but it’s my first stamped project, so so be it!

DIY Message in a Bottle Jewelry - Step 2

2. You could use a chemical oxidizing agent here, but it’s much simpler and more accessible to just color in your letters with a black permanent maker. After you’ve thoroughly filled each letter in, use steel wool or a fine grit sanding sponge to sand off all the marker on the disc. Because they are recessed, the letters will remain darker, and now you also have a nice, industrial look to the disc!

DIY Message in a Bottle Jewelry - Step 3

3. Write the same little love note, poem, or whatever comes to mind on each strip of paper. I used a pretty handmade paper since it will be the focal point of the whole piece.

DIY Message in a Bottle Jewelry - Step 4

4. Roll one of your notes up as tightly as possible and then drop it into the glass vial.

DIY Message in a Bottle Jewelry - Step 5

5. Apply a thin layer of E-6000 around the inside of the vial’s cap. Apply the cap and then firmly squeeze it into place for several minute. I blasted it with a hair dryer on high for a few minutes to speed the process along.

DIY Message in a Bottle Jewelry - Step 6

6. Thread a jump ring through the disc and another through the hole in the vial’s cap and then close the rings.

DIY Message in a Bottle Jewelry - Step 7

7. Thread both jump rings onto the key ring. The key ring itself is now complete, but we can’t forget the packaging!

DIY Message in a Bottle Jewelry - Step 8

8. Put your creation in a little kraft paper box, and wrap the second note around it like a ribbon. This way, he’ll be able to read the message in the bottle! Tape the note in place on the bottom of the box. Make sure that he doesn’t rip the note off when opening the box! You can then tie a piece of twine or yarn around the whole thing for an elegant but still masculine look.

DIY Message in a Bottle Jewelry or Keychain

There you have it – a great gift for that special guy. It’s sweet and sentimental enough for him to treasure it but not so mushy as to keep him from using it! Although you do have to make the initial investment in the stamps, you can use them for a plethora of creative projects, so it’s well worth it!!!


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  12. Hi! Really creative idea, my favorite out of every valentines idea I’ve seen. What size are the jump rings?

  13. Thanks for the sweet compliments, everybody!

    bren – Unfortunately, I don’t have time either. I’ve let the shop go by the wayside big time! :/

    -pril – I used 1.5mm stamps.

    AS – You can search for ‘brass stamping blank.’

  14. this is awesome and you should sell ’em on yer etsy store because i just don’t have the time to make them. or the space. my room is covered in beauty products i’m trying to review.

  15. What in the world…you are amazing. Can I but one? NO SERIOUSLY, can I? I can barely tie a bow…I suck at DIY’s.

  16. Love, love, love it! Such a personal gift! Every time he looks at his keys, he will get a reminder of how much you love him. Also, this idea could be adapted to just about anyone: mother, best friend, grandpa, etc. Perfect for those who are hard to buy for! Well done!

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