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April 16, 2015 separator DIY Tutorial

Lilly Pulitzer Target Scarf Tutorial


The long-awaited Lilly Pulitzer for Target launches on Sunday, and it’s sure to sell out. The range, evocative of pool parties and summers at the beach, is pretty reasonably-priced, which will only usher the products out the door that much faster.

Don’t worry though… If one of the light summer scarves you’ve been eyeing sells out in a hot second, or you just want it in a different color or pattern, you’re in luck.

DIY Lilly Pulitzer Target Scarf – 2 Styles!

Lilly Pulitzer Target Scarf Tutorials
Lilly Pulitzer Target Scarf 52

I got together with my friend Nicole who recently started a blog (designed by me!) called The Occasional Hobbyist, and we have two fun Lilly Pulitzer scarf knockoff tutorials for you today! Nicole will show you how to create a light, slinky pompom scarf, and I’m sharing a tutorial for a crisp, cotton tasseled version!

Lilly Pulitzer Target Scarf 55


If you’re just getting started at sewing, here’s a guide to all the basic supplies that you’ll need to get started. If you’re already stocked up on those, the guide includes “bonus” supplies for more complex projects — or just to make your life easier!

Lily Pulitzer Scarf Tutorial 9

1.   Cut your fabric to the desired length. Mine is 18″ wide by 55″ long. Iron it flat, and then fold the edges over 1/4″ and press the fold with the iron. Fold over another 1/4″ and press again, making sure you have crisp, smooth folds.

Lily Pulitzer Scarf Tutorial 8

2.   Sew as close to the edge as possible on your sewing machine using either a straight or a zigzag stitch. You can go all the way around your four sides without cutting the thread; just turn the fabric under the needle when you get to a corner.

*Because this cotton fabric is relatively sturdy, I used a straight stitch to keep the edges from getting to rigid and inflexible. I’d recommend a zigzag stitch on a lighter, more “slippery” fabric.

Lily Pulitzer Scarf Tutorial 7

3.   Now it’s time to start making tassels. Lots of tassels. Start by pinching the end of your embroidery floss against the bottom tine of a fork. Wrap the floss around the fork 15 times.

4.   Thread another piece of floss around the loops while they’re still on the fork, and tie a double-knot. Don’t worry about getting it super tight because you can do a better job of it in the next step.

Lily Pulitzer Scarf Tutorial 2

5.   Slid the tied bundle of loops off the fork, and now you can tighten the knot at the top. Snip through the bottom of the loops with a pair of scissors, and then give the whole thing a quick “haircut” to even out the fringe.

Lily Pulitzer Scarf Tutorial 3

6.   Once you have enough tassels (my scarf has 24), you can move on. And probably not use a fork for the rest of the week. Use a measuring tape to mark tiny dots at evenly-spaced intervals on each end of your scarf. I spaced my tassels 4cm apart.

Lily Pulitzer Scarf Tutorial 4

7.   Now comes the tedious fun part: hand-sewing. Thread a needle with a doubled-over piece of thread so that it’ll be extra strong. Sew into and back out of the end of the fabric at your first mark from step 6. Then thread the needle through the top loops of the tassel, pulling the tassel up against the fabric. Loop back into the tassel one more time, and then tightly double-knot the needle end of the thread to the tail of the thread. Repeat. And repeat.

Lilly Pulitzer Target Scarf 50Lilly Pulitzer Target Scarf 54Lilly Pulitzer Target Scarf 51

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  1. Too too cute! I’m going to make one today! And Thank You for the directions for the tassel! I will use this a lot for my granddaughter!!

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