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June 13, 2011 separator DIY Tutorial

I love making things and am especially drawn to things with a purpose, which is why I love notebooks and journals. I took a bookbinding class my senior year of undergraduate (Interesting Fact: The University of Alabama has one of only a very small handful of Book Arts programs in the country!) and fell in love. These tutorials are all inspiring me to create something new to jot down my ideas!!!
I love these teensy little matchbook-inspired guys. How cute would they be for a little note tucked into your sweetie’s pocket?!



You aren’t going to believe what these perfectly simple little, palm-sized journals are decorated with. Seriously, let me know if you guessed right!!!
Here’s another one. What do you think she used to cover this hefty notebook? Hint: “Fabric” is not a specific enough answer here!
This one is fun because not only does she show you how to make this cute little booklet, but she also sells the library catalog cards in her Etsy shop!!!
Do you guys have any bookmaking tutorials or fun handmade books to link me to? I’m a bookmark fiend these days!!!


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  3. These are so cute! I’m so in love with handmade journals right now! I actually took my first bookbinding class this weekend and I loved it SO much! I have photos up on my blog :o)

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