9 More Free Beginner Sewing Patterns

July 7, 2014 separator DIY Tutorial

9 More Free Beginner Sewing Patterns

Did you catch the first roundup of sewing patterns for beginners? My Pinterest followers really liked it, so I thought I’d do another. Plus, there are just way too many cute and FREE designs out there!


I love the idea of sewing but get super intimidated when I try to actually get started on any kind of elaborate project. That’s why I love all these tutorials. They make it seem so approachable and make me feel like I could sew something besides a pillow cover or curtain!

Have you sewn anything lately? Any of the lovely patterns I’ve featured on the blog here?

9 More Free Beginner Sewing Patterns

Pleated Wrap Skirt at Grand Revival

The Sorbetto Top at Coletterie

Puppy Softies at Peppermint

Easy Tee + Peter Pan Collar at It’s Always Autumn

Ten-Minute Apron at Fynes Designs

Soft Satchel at Burda Style

Nautical Kate Spade Tote Knock Off at Flamingo Toes

Vintage Sheet Bunting at Flamingo Toes

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  3. This is very misleading, your telling us the patterns are free, but no they are not you have to pay a monthly fee which is rather expensive.

  4. A bit misleading to say the patterns are free when the website makes you sign up for a monthly cost, the Sorbetto top isn’t free you have to pay to join then you can get it.

    1. I’m sorry you feel like you’ve been mislead, Madeleine. I in no way benefit from linking to the Sorbetto top, so I have no reason to mislead anyone. When I wrote this post five years ago, the Sorbetto top was a free download, and when I visited the page just now, it gave me an option to create a free account to download the pattern. If you’d like to sew the top, I encourage you to create a free account, and enjoy the project!

  5. Thank you for the free patterns. I’m going to try the pleated skirt it looks very cute.


  6. Love all of the neat ideas! Will definitely have to try to make some! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh, what FABULOUS little dogs – I snagged the patterns :0 Thank you for your generosity 😀

    IKE in Greece xx

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