am I just not asking nicely enough?

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Hi again, friendos! I hope this lovely spring Saturday finds you well. I’m writing my little heart out and preparing for a long night of Final Four craziness, given that the University of Kentucky is in for the first time since ’98. Our Elite Eight game last week ended in couches aflame and people jumping on cars as they drove past, so I’m a little bit scurred for tonight… (Go Cats!!!)

Anywho – I’m having a little problem, you guys. Nobody is answering my survey! Please, please, please click the big ‘ole button above, or click right here to go to my Reader Feedback Survey. It’s ten short questions about how you subscribe, when you read, and what you like. It’s all completely anonymous and just helps me to better tailor my posting for you lovelies. For example, if I find out that only three of you have pets, then maybe I’ll be less inclined to ramble about my babies

If you have something to say that isn’t asked in the survey, leave me a comment here – thanks!!!!!

I promise this only takes a couple minutes, and it would help me out so much. You are the best readers on the whole internets, and I just know you want to help me out, right? Right? Thanks, lovelies!!!

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  1. Thanks, wonderful people!!! I guess that got everybody moving – we’ve finally passed the response rate for last year’s survey – thank you!!!!!!

    – Lindsay

  2. Lindsay,

    Honest, I answered it right after you posted and even tried to do it again but it won’t let me.

    Your fans are out here. Don’t despair, please.


  3. Thanks so much, you guys! The responses have almost doubled since today’s post! Thanks also for bearing with me while I finish my thesis – only about ten more days!!! 😀

    I posted it last Saturday, but I think that perhaps the weekend isn’t the best time for it… Oops!

    – Lindsay

  4. i didn’t even know you were having a survey! did you post about it? maybe i missed that. is there a link somewhere else on your site?

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