Anybody Need a Good Laugh?

March 24, 2009 separator Life

Meet Rosco and Mish (Meesh), the recently acquired loves of my life. Rosco has an affinity for falling in the shower and sadly lacks the coordination to escape with any shred of his dignity, but it makes for a funny picture. Mish, despite the devil eyes, is my little sweetheart and much too refined to take an embarassing photo. My camera died on me, so I can’t take anymore shop photos tonight (hence the kitten post). I guess I’ll attempt to actually list a few things tomorrow night after attempting to fix up some of the pictures and take new ones of a few other items. I’m having trouble figuring out pricing and writing good descriptions as well. This is proving far more complicated than I would have guessed, but I need to just go ahead and jump in.


  1. Your cats are fun and I love your descriptions of them! I’m really becoming fond of cats!!!

  2. Your cat looks as sad as my Silky Terrier after a bath… he looks like a rat that escaped from a freighter (well, that’s when he’s been swimming in the harbour where the freighters are)after a bath he just looks half his normal size.
    Still cute though!

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