Back in Business – Grand Reopening!

January 27, 2010

Since I know how distraught everybody’s been over the long-term vacation mode of leShrimp: The Shop. Well, distress no further. I had a little photo shoot with my newly made-over dress form yesterday, and I will continue to do over the next week. I have some really fun pieces, especially a couple sweet hats and dresses, so get excited!

I’m writing here in stone to commit myself to actually photographing, measuring, editing, and listing, so here it is, the official grand reopening date –

February 8, 2010

Just because I think you guys are all so wonderful, I’ll probably have to offer up some sort of discount for my lovely readers, so stay tuned!!!


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  3. Welcome back Lindsay! You were missed!

    {Sorry for the deleted post, my son just started a blog and I accidently posted my comment under his name}.

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