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December 27, 2010

Do me a favor and pretend that says ’10 instead
of ’09 until I get back to my Photoshop, mmkay?!

As a blogger, I’ve come across some really wonderful sites that I check almost daily. It occurred to me last year that it would be great if we all shared our favorite sites. That means it’s time again for the call for nominations for the Second Annual “Shrimp Salad Circus Tops In…” Blog Awards!!! Winners will receive fame, fortune, a lovely award button for their bloggy, and a lot of traffic from the winners page, to be posted here January 15!

  • Design
  • DIY
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Wedding
  • Other
How to Nominate:

Leave a comment on this post, and include the following information:
  • category
  • URL of your nominee blog’s homepage
  • brief explanation of why you’re nominating the blog
I will accept nominations until January 3, at which time I will post a list of the top five nominees in each category and a series of polls to vote for the winner of each category. If there are not enough nominees in any given category, then I reserve the right to add in my favorites so that you guys don’t miss out on any wonderful reads!!! Voting will be open until January 14, and winners will be announced the following day.

Get to it, people – let’s see those lovely blogs!!!

P.S. Feel free to nominate your own site, if you think it’s up to the task!


  1. i am absolutely in LOVE with Eat Drink Chic.
    I seriously check it every day. I just love what she posts and love the free templates she creates for her followers.
    Her blog kind of falls under two categories: fashion and design. Probably more design though.

  2. OTHER – women’s issues

    As a man, everyday I read the bobbypin and have discovered two very important things about women. 1) that the bobbypin is not afraid to talk about subjects others find taboo, but after that subject is out in the open other women are so thankful for the voice. 2) that women can have equality and freedom while still holding on to being feminine.

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